Rocking Comedy Show 880 We talk Rock Into Spring, play some games like one Crazy Jay pulled from the vault. Also a listener suggestion on a new twist for the Time Machine of Music and we will also play the game “what objects weight the same as Victor Hernandez!”  also on the show Dan Doran, John Gilligan if your lucky and Mario Zapata


Rocking Comedy Show 862

o promote their new song Under the Bridge Chino XL & Rama Duke will be calling in to the show today, If you have questions for them please call in 970-296-8308 also on the show myself John Gilligan & Mario Zapata will cover some interesting items that have been in the news, we have Time Machine of Music, and a game we haven’t played in awhile as well.

Where are your tastebuds? 861

Today on The Rocking Comedy Show #861 we welcome back to the show Matt Dorman. We speak with the band named Remada. Also on the show Time Machine of Music, Mad Mike might make us put something in our mouths. Dan Doran also on the show as co host today.

My Angel Friend Episode 860

The Rocking Comedy Show #860 happens tonight at 6:00pm (pst) 9pm (est) so grab your Spunk Lube, Shakespeare Vodka, drop your pants and get the Dude Wipes ready because we are gonna have a blast. On the show tonight contestant #2 for our Zowie Bowie Karaoke Contest will be on, we will be having fun popping the question to our guests Beau Hodges and Jeff Orr, we have a pair of Gangster headphones to give away more Rock Into Spring talk, and a tribute to a friend and former co -host of the show Jason Niño. Joining me is Mario Zapata and Bobby Masi.

Rocking Comedy Show 859

we continue our love of Rock Into Spring with interviews from EVE TO ADAM and Artifas. We also have Serene Meadow who is our first contestant for the Zowie Bowie Karaoke Contest. Fun starts at 3:00pm when we are LIVE on Grab some heiniken or Shakespeare Vodka, hell maybe even some COLDCOCK Whiskey listen in with your Gangster headphones and enjoy life!!