The Wacky Record Show: The Far Out Space Edition
It’s not very often “Crazy” Jay posts his wacky records show he does on Sunday mornings LIVE on the air, unless they turn out to be special shows, here’s one of those shows that include 50 minutes of bonus songs not sire don the live broadcast


The Rocking Comedy Show Special Guest Fred Schneider

The Rocking Comedy Show #902 our guest on the phone line will be the one and only Fred Schneider from the B-52’s to talk about their weekend gig here at the House of Blues, Myself and Victor Hernandez along with Dan Doran will compare our 4th of July Party escapades! We have the Time Machine of Music, Word of the day, some news and more

Rocking Comedy Show episode 901

The Rocking Comedy Show Episode 901 Happens on this 4th of July!! We welcome from The Hellenbacks Jimmie B. Romero this guys is pretty bad ass! Then calling in from Call of All it’s Hunter Watson We will talk about the band and the new single from the album with the same name “War & Illusion” We will also talk to Hunter about life on The Walking Dead. Filling in for Mario Zapata today we have Bonnie Mercado from Real Water and the one and only Comedy Nugget himself Victor Hernandez.

Rocking Comedy Show: The 900th Show

Ep 900

We have done it, it is here!!

Rocking Comedy Show: B-Sides Part 2 899

#899 We have comedian Kyle Ruse calling in. We are not missing an episode 894 (Original) is available for a $2.00 donation to our paypal. 894 was a re-do so we could post something!! Victor and Crazy Jay bring you News, Classic Commercials, Time Machine of Music and more.