The Rocking Comedy Show today we are ready to get you over the HUMP!! We have a fully packed show that will leave you satisfied thanks to COLDCOCK Whiskey & Gangster audio! Today we get Brazens Rockin Reunion! on the show with our dear friend Merry Adin. Also on the show Fielding West who says he will show us his new trick that makes COLDCOCK Whiskey disappear! We even have Tracey Hope stopping by who may have some treats for our co hosts today Mario Z and Dan Doran.


Well that’s that and there is nothing we could do….

Episode 842 “Crazy” Jay Mario Zapata and Dan Doran (in for Bobby Masi) tonight bring you the laughs with “Stuttering” John Melendez and Mark Shunock. We have the usual fun like our new game “popping the question” also Time Machine of Music and more.

Rocking Comedy Show 841

#841 we have yet another great show for you. Calling in to the show from Jason Aldean’s band we have Rich Redmond who is currently drumming for him, we will talk about that and much more. Also on the show the stunning Stephanie Castellone will be on the show as well. We have the time machine if music, plus we will be popping the question again as well. Tune in LIVE 3pm. That’s right we’re on Wednesdays now as well.


Rocking Comedy Show 840

The Rocking Comedy Show #840 we welcome Penny Prince to the co-hosting chair. That’s right Penny will be joining me and Mad MikeĀ on Tuesdays. On the show today the very funny, and multi-talented Sammy Gartner coming in. We have more Rock Into Spring talk, games, and more!

We’re back! Episode 839

That’s right the wait is over….. almost still a few hours to go! We welcome to the show for the first time Ryan Baker, we welcome back Jon Lee and Rich Hosey! Joining Crazy Jay tonight it’s Mario Z and Bobby Masi. We have lots to talk about for sure, favorite games to play, and someone is popping the question tonight!!