Rocking Comedy Show 880 We talk Rock Into Spring, play some games like one Crazy Jay pulled from the vault. Also a listener suggestion on a new twist for the Time Machine of Music and we will also play the game “what objects weight the same as Victor Hernandez!”  also on the show Dan Doran, John Gilligan if your lucky and Mario Zapata


Rocking Comedy Show Korean Prison 2001 Ep 872

The Rocking Comedy Show 872  We will be speaking with Steve from STATE of MINE who’s playing at Rock Into Spring. We will be debuting a new game, and as usual Time Machine of Music, and we will keep you rocking. Who’s we you ask? Mario Zapata and Victor Hernandez will be co-hosting. Thanks to Shakespeare Vodka, COLDCOCK Whiskey, Heineken and Hangover Joe’s for making this show extra special.. that extra special like melted butter in your underpants! That special feeling you use to get climbing the rope in gym class.. you know what I mean!! LOG ON TUNE IN AND LISTEN!!!

Rocking Comedy Show 871

On The Rocking Comedy Show 871 today hear our fun interview with Rich Redmond who has been drumming for Jason Aldean for awhile now, and in studio as well Franks & Deans so grab some COLDCOCK Whiskey, maybe some Heineken..hell maybe even Shakespeare Vodka just grab a drink or a shot and prepare for a fun day on the 44th floor!


The Rocking Comedy Show 870 happens live at 3:00pm here in Las Vegas!! Today we have the incredible Tony J West calling in.. this guy is a true Rockstar!! We also have two contestants for the Zowie Bowie Karaoke Contest. We also have the Time Machine of music, Pick a song and more!!

Rocking Comedy Show 869

**SHOW NOTICE*** Due to some tech issues the first 20 minutes are not here. Sorry, but enjoy the rest of the show. Rocking Comedy Show tonight myself along with Mario Zapata and Dan Doran welcome back Victor Hernandez and from Critical Ways we have Tyler Barton (can he survive the games we have planed?) We also have Time Machine of Music and more!