Today The Rocking Comedy Show #978 Happens LIVE at 3:00pm (pst) It’s Valentine’s Day so we have a special show for you that will be on FB LIVE. On the show today with me is Mario Zapata and Mikey Slyman. We have news, games, and more to discuss. Our guests today is Destiny Rydas, Nick Caster, and Santiago Micheal!


Top 100 of 2008! – Part 1
Well, it's took forever and alot of thunking, but I finally compiled a list of my top 100 songs of 2009! Man, it's a doosey! It's so big, I have to do this show in two parts! So here's part 1! ...
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The Rocking Comedy Show’s Stupid Christmas Show
Ho Ho Ho Everybody! What do you do with Elvis, An Elf Ho, and a 350 pound black man with anger managment issues? If your as crazy as I am you invite them up to the 44th floor where I do my show and turn them lose without meds and let the holiday hillarity fly!!!

Now add a woman with an amazing voice named Sharon Paquette and get her to sing with Elvis and it makes for a great start to the Stupid Christmas Show. Back by POPULAR demand Elvis (Brenden Paul) Beth Davidoff, and...

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#58 The Twisted Christmas Kick Off Show
WOW!!! is really the best word to wrap up this show. I had a lot of fun once again dusting off the Crazy Christmas tunes for this show. When you hear this show plan on hearing me "Crazy" Jay at my craziest I have ever been! This is a kick off to the Stupid Christmas Shows that are coming soon Elvis will be back and joining him is Beth Davidoff, Big Lance, Sharon Paquette and more. Still to come Dino-Mike will be co-hosting and Brother Luke will be stopping by. ...
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Rocking Comedy Show #57
Hey Everybody~ With the new hook-up in the studio I am flying through shows left and right. This episodes features another guest dj who is a Las Vegas local his name is Jason Gricks, and he will entertain you with his three, three songs sets with music from Slayer...yes Slayer, Iron Madien and more. Also the show features the final Not In The News, News. It's the kick off to the annual Crazy Christmas shows I do and the Crazy 8 Countdown, don't miss this one! ...
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