The Rocking Comedy Show Episode 935 LIVE tonight at 6:00pm (pst) so you have time to get ready for it!! When we say Epic we mean EPIC!!!! Tonight we welcome officially to the show as co-host Ken Osborne or Ken “You better have enough Jameson” Osborne, we also welcome back from his much needed break (no jail time, this time) Victor Hernandez! On the show today calling in is Thomas Ian Nicholas who will be talking about his new movie that opened this past Friday The Lost Tree, he of course is also from the American Pie Movies, and The Rookie of the Year!! Also on the Continue Reading


Happy New Year!
Hello Everyone And welcome to 2007, after the success of the Twisted Christmas Shows I took some time off, but will be back the 14th of January with an all new Rocking Comedy Show. My guest will be Travis Shredd who will be performing for us. His video "My Ex's- Lawyer Is The AntiChrist" is playing now on this website. Also on the show Beth Davidoff, a review of this years AVN Convention, Not In The News, News, and Star Wars Vs. Star Trek. Should be a fun show, so don't miss it
Episode 23 - Happy...
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Hello Everyone! The moment many of you have been waiting for the Twisted Christmas Show Party! This is the biggest show I do all year, and were going out in style this year. End 2006 with Myself, Elvis (Brenden Paul) also Beth Davidoff ( and old friend of the show Big Lance ( The show is shocking, crude, rude, offensive everything you expect for my end of the year shows. Plus your requests and other off the wall holiday songs. Enjoy the show and I will see you all after the New...
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Hello Everyone! It's time for our third Stupid Christmas Show. This time it's an all request addition to the show. For two hours I play the funny twisted hits you want to hear plus visits from Rick Brannon, Hello Lobster, and Phoebe Carter. This show will hold you over until the final episode of the year THE TWISTED CHRISTMAS PARTY with Big Lance, Elvis, and Beth Davidoff. Enjoy #21 and tell your friends.
Episode 21 - All Request Twisted Christmas Show! The Complete Show!
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More Twisted X-Mas!
Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoyed the kick off show to all the crazy stuff that is about to happen. Coming up on this show my Christmas Co-Host this year is Dino-Mike. Mike will be here to play some of his favorite twisted Christmas tunes. Also a special instudio apperance by Throwing Toasters, and Phil Johnson of Roadside Attraction. This is a show not to miss.
Episode 20 - Twisted Christmas Show Kickoff! The Complete Show!
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