The Rocking Comedy Show and we have Phil Varone in studio today we will talk about his amazing career, plus talk about his new show coming to and more. It’s a full house today with John Gilligan, Victor Hernandez, Bonnie Mercado, and we even get graced with Mario Zapata we can’t wait to hit the road and bring Utah and Idaho some real fun. A new twist to the Time Machine of Music, The Word of the Day and more. Today’s show is proudly sponsored by Jessie Rae’s BBQ


Episode #33 All New with the Throwing Toasters
Hey Everyone~ It has been a few years since Grant from the Throwing Toasters came in to the Studio to perform, but he stopped in on the 44th floor of The Rocking Comedy Show studios while he was in Vegas to perform at The Rocking Night Of Comedy at Tailspins. So join us for his performance, Not In The News, News and more. Jay
Episode 33 - Throwing Toasters Interview
Episode 33
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Episode #32 Is All New
Hello Everyone~ Webmaster Zach took a week off to go to Hawaii so that is why not show was posted last week. Hawaii how much am I paying this guy? However Episode 32 is here and my instudio guest is Dino-Mike. He came to promote his new CD called KomedyKazi and he also does a small interview with me, and counts down his favorite songs in a special Crazy 8 Countdown. Fun show and I am sure you will enjoy it. ...
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Rocking Comedy Show #31 Part 2
Hello Everyone It's is time for another episode of The Rocking Comedy Show. I took a few weeks off, but came back this week to find two strange guys who were suppose to be re-wiring my studio doing a show. That show can be heard as part one. On this show Amy Kuney joins me in the studio to perform, and Honour Pillow sets in with Not In The News, News. Plus new music, and your request. This is a pretty fun show.
Episode 31 - Part 2 [ 31 - Part 2.mp3]
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Rocking Comedy Show #31 Part 1
Can you say what the hell happened here? Apparently, two guys broke into the Rocking Comedy Show studios and had fun doing a show. I ended up walking in on them at the end of the show. The real show will take place as Episode #31 part two. Posted just above these link. Check it out.
Episode 31 - Part 1 [ 31 - Part 1.mp3]
If this sounds abnormally funny, Click Here.
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