The Wacky Record Show: The Far Out Space Edition
It’s not very often “Crazy” Jay posts his wacky records show he does on Sunday mornings LIVE on the air, unless they turn out to be special shows, here’s one of those shows that include 50 minutes of bonus songs not sire don the live broadcast


Rocking Comedy Show #46
Hey Everybody! Welcome to another Rocking Comedy Show direct from the 44th floor of my electric sandbox. This show features our first in-studio guest for 2008 and also for the new studio. That would be local talent Brother Luke. Also Not In The News, News, your request, and some new music. Also some stand-up from Steve McGrew, Larry The Cable Guy, and more. Great show I hope you enjoy it! ...
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Rocking Comedy Show #45
Hey Everybody! Coming up on episode #45 an interview from the vault I did a few years back with comedian Brian Regan. Also a new song from Dr. Elmo (the Grandma Song Guy) called "The Scariest Thing I'll Ever Do" plus a tribute to the Beatles throughout the show and your chance to win a $25 dollar gift card to best buy. Some classic dementia is also played, with your requests, and the return of Not In The News News. I am currently looking for Guest DJ's for the return of that segment as well, e-mail me...
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The New Shows for 2008!!!
AT LAST, AT LAST!!!! The Rocking Comedy Show is in it's new home, and were ready to go. The first show for 2008 is completed and will posted here very soon. The Show features Speech Impediment Man as we talk about dumb laws, the porno convention and more. We also talk about the new Crazy Jay DVD, rocking comedy, music, and just a great show. Watch Speech in in this clip from an interview he did at the porn convention for the Howard Stern Show....fucking funny! Click the link the link to start the show

Episode 44...

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Twisted Xmas Show 2007!!
'Tis the season for forgiveness... or is it? Dyno Mike returns this year even after he burnt down the RCS Studios last year and I've decided to forgive him, let bygones be bygones, turn the other cheek... wait. Does that sound like me? Nope. Check out the show to see if the show goes as Dino Mike has planned it. Until next year, have a Rockin' Xmas time! ~Crazy Jay

Episode 43 -
Twisted Christmas Party 2007!
The Complete Show!

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