Rocking Comedy Show 880 We talk Rock Into Spring, play some games like one Crazy Jay pulled from the vault. Also a listener suggestion on a new twist for the Time Machine of Music and we will also play the game “what objects weight the same as Victor Hernandez!”  also on the show Dan Doran, John Gilligan if your lucky and Mario Zapata


It’s Magically Delicious! ROCKING COMEDY SHOW 876

Today  875  we have our very good friend Ben Young coming back on the show today, make sure you are following the Rocking Comedy Show Page here on Facebook because he will be doing some magic on Facebook LIVE. I will be speaking with Emma from Sick Puppies who is playing Sunday Night at Rock Into Spring! Did you get tix yet? No? 11 days to go. Also on the show Mario Zapata and Victor Hernandez! Hell we might even give some tix away today you just never know!!!

The Crazy Jay Show looks at Rockabilly Tunes!

Every once in awhile “Crazy” Jay will post his Sunday morning show, and this is one of those times.

Spit the Witt Podcast

Crazy Jay & Mario Z were asked to be a guest on Frankie Almost’s Podcast!

Rocking Comedy Show 874

The Rocking Comedy Show 874 we have Aldo Mencatto coming in to the 44th floor, he said he is going to make us all look good!! Plus in studio we will be speaking with Troy Patrick Farrell. Also on the show today helping me out is John Gilligan, Mario Zapata, and if your nice maybe even Dan Doran. Log on and tune in to the on-line radio show Scott Rumsey calls “Mental Masturbation!”