Today join Crazy Jay we have¬†Mario Zapata, and John Gilligan L.A.vation-The World’s Greatest Tribute to U2 will be joining us in studio!! Plus another contestant stopping by for the Zowie Bowie Karaoke Contest!!


Rocking Comedy Show 859

we continue our love of Rock Into Spring with interviews from EVE TO ADAM and Artifas. We also have Serene Meadow who is our first contestant for the Zowie Bowie Karaoke Contest. Fun starts at 3:00pm when we are LIVE on Grab some heiniken or Shakespeare Vodka, hell maybe even some COLDCOCK Whiskey listen in with your Gangster headphones and enjoy life!!


On The Rocking Comedy Show today #858 we will speak with Never Say Die about Rock Into Spring happening April 28th-30th. Also on the show the very funny Bill Engvall and super funny Maryellen Hooper. Co-hosting with me today is Junk Mcgee and Dan Doran we will talk about “Logan” Fire up the Time Machine of Music, play some great rock, and drink some Shakespeare Vodka.

WHAT THE [email protected] IS A BEAN BOOZLE? Episode 857

Ep 857

the wonderfully talented Paige Overton!¬†Joins “Crazy” Jay and the gang, with some fun games like Karaoke or a Ghost Chili Pepper, find out what she chose! Also she sings some songs, plays Time Machine of music, and eats a few nasty Jelly Beans. Also on the show Mario Z, and Bobby Masi. Great show tons of laughs on this one.


Great episode!

“Crazy” Jay, Mario Z, And Dan Doran guide you thru this fun filled epiosde of music, games comedy, and interviews with Silent Theory & Broken Thumbs about Rock into Spring. Great fun here for sure.