885 of The Rocking Comedy Show will feature Purejoypeople and John Esquivel. We have some games lined up, the Time Machine of music and more. Along with me doing the show we have Victor Hernandez and Mario Zapata.


Rocking Comedy Show Epsiode #39 (NEW)
Hey Everybody~ Get ready to rock your socks off with an all "NEW" Rocking Comedy Show. This show is filled with comedy and great music. Plus after nearly seven years "JT" John Taylor of The Uninvited is back with his brother Steve, and Bill Cory to bring you their new band called Fish Ranch Road. Wait till you hear them, if you have not already. This was a fun show to do, and I hope you all enjoy it.
Episode 39 - Fish Ranch Road
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Rocking The Desert (part 2)
Hello Everybody I hope you enjoyed the first part of our Desert Fest show and now you get the second part of us rocking the desert. This show contains Speech Impediment Man's live performance as well as Dino-Mikes, and then at the end of the show hear a special mix about Speech Impediment Man This show is great! ...
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Episode #37 Rocking The Desert (part 1)
Hey Everybody! Looking for new Rocking Comedy Shows. Number 37 is a show that I did out at Desert Fest in June with my co-host Speech Impediment Man. The show was pretty much unscripted and reheared. Hear a bealching contest, stories of the Fest from the past, and lots of other off the wall shit. This show is a big one so it comes to you in two parts. Enjoy part 1 this week. ...
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