The Rocking Comedy Show today we are ready to get you over the HUMP!! We have a fully packed show that will leave you satisfied thanks to COLDCOCK Whiskey & Gangster audio! Today we get Brazens Rockin Reunion! on the show with our dear friend Merry Adin. Also on the show Fielding West who says he will show us his new trick that makes COLDCOCK Whiskey disappear! We even have Tracey Hope stopping by who may have some treats for our co hosts today Mario Z and Dan Doran.


A Word From “Crazy” Jay
Happy New Year!   "Crazy" Jay here, and I just wanted you all to know that here at the Rocking Comedy Show we were having some tech trouble, and the site is back up. I also wanted you all to know that the first show for 2006 is currently in production. I will be giving away Stephen Lynch CD's away his latest called the "Craig Machine". Also give you my review of this years AVN Adult Expo, as well an new rocking music and comedy from Barry and The Bookbinders, Hot Waffles, and Raymond and Scum. Plus...
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