The Rocking Comedy Show today we are ready to get you over the HUMP!! We have a fully packed show that will leave you satisfied thanks to COLDCOCK Whiskey & Gangster audio! Today we get Brazens Rockin Reunion! on the show with our dear friend Merry Adin. Also on the show Fielding West who says he will show us his new trick that makes COLDCOCK Whiskey disappear! We even have Tracey Hope stopping by who may have some treats for our co hosts today Mario Z and Dan Doran.


May 31, 2006 Rocking Comedy Show
Hey Everyone Sorry for the long delay with a new show. The summer heat in Las Vegas has begun, so the shows will be come less frequent during the summer months. Also I like the show to be about quality rather than quanity, so instead of doing a show every week like I should and then it just becomes random, you get a show that is really good, and worked out. The show that is posted for May 31, 2006 is a great example of what I am talking about. On this an instudio performance from...
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