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  1. Mike Shankerfield


    #906 listening live, and you guys we’re killing it, what a fun show.. I wish I cold make it out to see you in Idaho but I got things going on in Jackson Hole Wyoming,

  2. Ben N. Syder

    Rocking Comedy Show

    I will see you in Ogden, Utah I live in Salt Lake but you guys don’t do shows like this, so it’s going to be awesome!!! Keep up the good work,

  3. little pink stinky fingers


    #904 episodes and you have to stop and think how often do I masturbate to the show? at least twice every show for the past year and half or so.

  4. Anita Manda Ball


    Is Victor and or Dan willing to pose nude for some pics for some classy pictures for my Gallery… it’s in my house, in the basement, but I feel they would complete it

  5. Andy Cornholder

    CRAZY JAY!!!

    Yesterday LIVE #906 writing this before the show ends in hopes you see it. Your “If I Knew Your We’re Coming” Song you kept playing reminds me of Easy Street they used over and over to torture Daryl on The Walking Dead

  6. Ivanna Semour Butts

    Crazy Jay

    How do I become a co host on this show? Seems like you will take just about anyone, talented or not. Is that it? I mean you had Bobby, and now Dan? Can I audition and show your guys what’s up?

  7. Dougie Style


    Doug from Alaska again, as you know I have been logging on and tuning in since the Rebekah days, and WTF man 888 to 900? I understand the explanation, but lost episodes don’t count. the 28th of June on my calendar would be 900. Jay I know you like things perfect with the show, so rewind Yesterday’s show that was awesome and make it 890 I have something special for your 900, but it’s not time yet!!

  8. Time Machine of Music Lover


    This game is amazing and the different versions you have come up with our great!

  9. Feeling Jipped


    Your last episode was 888 then it went to 900 and you did explain that you have done that many, but you lost a few in the transfer of new website, and some episodes you were asked to take down by a guest or for different reason, and like myself I have asked for shows I couldn’t find on your site, and they have been mailed out to me, I feel as a loyal fan and dedicated listener if we don’t get to hear those shows, and some are missing, then you should be at 890 and you keep going… Just a thought, maybe discuss with your team. But I feel I am being jipped! Love you guys

  10. Harry Ballsonya

    Crazy Jay

    You have been doing internet radio for a long time, where do you see the future of traditional radio compared to on-line radio?

  11. Ben Jackinoff


    Fuck you guys!

  12. Pink Can Stink


    Just heard episode 881 about Pineapple Sally.. OMG that is a funny story,a nd a great sounding weekend. I listen all the time, but a few episodes get by me, glad I went back… This one is a keeper

  13. Barry McCociner

    Rocking Comedy Sluts!!

    Keep on making me laugh you fuckers!!

  14. J. Macavay


    Been listening for about 6 years now, and I hope I can something without it coming out the wrong way, but Jay this show has changed, and evolved many times over, and you have had some great talented co-hosts come and go, some very sad to see leave like Phil, and Halpin, even Spazz, but Bobby exiting was great, because it allowed you to bring Victor on to the show, and that guy is funny. Glad to see the show is still going, and better than ever

  15. Andy Felterbush


    You need t-shirts for sale that say Four Beer Deep! That comment from John last week about Dan was great. That shirt could solve many problems when people say what the fuck is your problem!!

  16. Long time fan

    To Jay~

    Long time fan, friend and sometimes guest of this fantastic show. I’ll be honest I have even been a co host once or twice when you needed it. Being on all sides of the show I am not biases when it comes to what I am about to say, but I truly think it needs to be said.

    1. This show can live without the same co-hosts it just adapts to new ones and gets new life, so for Spazz, Rebecca, Sylvia, Jason, Michelle, Jenn B, Darius, Jay-Dub, and Phil.. God Damn it why not embrace the show and the opportunity that it gives, let’s face it not a lot of podcasts can get what Jay gets for you guys. Maybe step up your game as co-host and show your worth.

    2. Anyone who don’t know that this show has been around for almost 14 years needs to study up about why it works and why it has been around so long. almost 900 episodes, 1000 within reach and a God Damn world record holder. This is not a show that is just put together at the last minute. being on the other side I have seen what Jay does to put just one show together and think about this, he does 3- 3 hours shows a week..

    3. Now to really blow the minds of pod casters out there. Crazy Jay has been doing internet radio since it’s humble beginnings 27 year ago.. the man is known in the world of internet radio.

    4. For those who leave the funny/mean comments is great for the show but there needs to be some nice feed back for people checking out the website and discovering the show for the first time. If your a fan of the show, come on and leave something nice. Like it on iTunes and give a review, buy some of the products that help support the show, or send them and email and talk about how you heard them on the show. If it’s a restaurant go visit it and mention the show to them especially the manager.

    5. I’ve know Jay for many years, and I have never seen him give-up, I am so excited to see him happy over Rock Into Spring. Sure he might have his up and downs, and even seem like he is pissed at the co-hosts, but maybe its because he knows the co hosts can do more then they do at times.

    6. To me this is one of the best if not best podcasts out there not hosted by a big name celebrity the underground feel this show has is amazing. I love hearing guests go on for the first time and their reactions to the studio, they are always impressed.

    My final thought is Bobby put down the damn cheeseburger, eat a salad and get healthy with Jay.. thanks guys

    Long time listener

  17. John K.

    Hey Gang

    Boy you guys have really stepped it up. I listen to a lot of on-line radio shows, and podcasts, and there are not to many like yours. Produced well, the games are great, just an enjoyable experience all the way around, until Bobby opens his mouth and ruins it with stupid banter, and no necessary mentions of the Howard Stern show. We get it your a fan..

  18. Shower & Grower


    My distaste in you and the show still lingers like a fart in the shower.. You tease by leave for over a month in half, I think maybe they will get bored, or find something else to do with their lives and forget to come back…NOPE.. Like a turd that won’t fucking flush…gone, back, gone, back…

  19. Pink Hole Brown Hole

    Hey Dan!

    Shut the fuck up

  20. Little poops


    How excited is Bobby Masi about the X-Large Big Mac? Bet he has had one every day

  21. Likes it when it stinks


    Jay, you and Mad Mike remind me of the two guysin the Sonic commercials I think you should do a parody commercial

  22. Harry Ballsonya


    You’re the only reason to listen, and I do naked and alone in a dark room with a scented candle

  23. Dougie Style

    HEY RCS!


  24. Ben Jackinoff


    I think you guys should play Marry Fuck Kill

  25. Andy Felterbush

    Hey Guys

    That episode you did about the guy from New Zealand was so funny. One of the funniest things you guys have done in awhile. Tell us the name again, so we can write them letters and call them idiots!

  26. Goes Down Soft Like A Woman


    Is Dan Single?

  27. Pink Can Stink


    Special Request Please, can all of you guys just eat a giant bag of dicks? Thanks

  28. Andrew T Scumbag


    Live remote for the last show of the year? Let’s get people to come party with you guys!

  29. Puts it in deep and wet!


    Thanks for another amazing Halloween Party, this one was a personal favorite of mine, my girl got so scared in the bathroom, it was like being in a movie!

  30. Balls Deep


    I saw Phil at Tough Mudder last week and I do believe I saw his girlfriend carrying him over his shoulder to get the race over with. What is that about?

  31. A. There!


    Not only downloaded the newest episode 827, but shared it on Facebook, and told my friends they need to start listening to the show. Last night was so good, great job guys!

  32. Kathy with a K but pronounced with a C


    I listened live for the first time last night, usually download it, episode 827 was by far one of my favorite episodes. Loved, Loved, Loved it.. Great job man Tom Stevens is better than the real Trump!!

  33. Lick it in the dark

    RCS = Real Cock Suckers

    Enough said, fuck you guys!!

  34. Cream Pie Face


  35. Balls Deep

    Hey Phil

    I wanna be Balls deep in you!

  36. Pink Can Stink

    RCS = Real Crazy Shit

    Crazy Jay, stop eating on the show we can hear you getting fatter. Seem like you and Bobby are having a competion to see who can be the biggest loser, and I do mean Big, Just top out now… When was the last time you saw your dick?

    Mad Mike.. Come on dude your married really? To a woman? Did she lose a bet? You must of loved breaking the heart of so many dudes.

    Dan, drop the angry act Lewis Black has been doing it for years.. Your not cool, your sad

    Bobby Masi.. What are the changes your last name is short for massive, Don’t you care about yourself or life? I bet you and jay couldn’t lose 20 pounds by Thanksgiving…now there is a show and a contest.

    Mario Z Good luck on this shit show that you want to be a part of. What the hell could you be getting out of it besides starvation being in the same room with those two lard asses.

  37. Justin Sider

    Fuck you Crazy Jay!

  38. Dixie Normous


    How are some of your co-hosts spot on and excited to be there, Phil Mario and Mike always putting themselves out there. They make the show enjoyable.

  39. Judy Swallows


    Jay the show has changed so much since the exit of whorebag Rebekka and I’m not gay when people are present Spazz. I had not tuned in for awhile because it got stale, and Rebekka’s whinning was all I could take. Logged on a few weeks ago, and man the show is tight (unlike Rebekka’s pussy) the games are great I find myself getting mad when I think Iknow the year and I get it wrong.. The What year is it a lot of fun because you forgot about so much stuff that has happened.

    Good Job

  40. Frank Lee Gay


    Where is Linda Lou? I miss the female take on the show? I bet she got tired of Bobby’s smelly ass!

  41. Puts it in deep and wet!


    Great job lately on the music selections, some of the music I have actually went and got from iTunes. The mash-ups are great.

  42. Puts it in deep and wet!


    Crazy Jay, how do you dp it week after week? The shows are always great and when they are over I still want more. The Time Machine of Music is my favorite. Maybe a round of Would You Rather or Marry Fuck Kill its been awhile.

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