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The Rocking Comedy Show today we are ready to get you over the HUMP!! We have a fully packed show that will leave you satisfied thanks to COLDCOCK Whiskey & Gangster audio! Today we get Brazens Rockin Reunion! on the show with our dear friend Merry Adin. Also on the show Fielding West who says he will show us his new trick that makes COLDCOCK Whiskey disappear! We even have Tracey Hope stopping by who may have some treats for our co hosts today Mario Z and Dan Doran.

Rocking Comedy Show: Tacos, Jelly Beans & A Ghost Chili Pepper #852

The Rocking Comedy Show #852 Crazy Jay  and Mad Mike  host this episode. Mike Vargovich from Avalon Landing and Craig Furnivall. We got some cool stuff to talk about, games to play like Karaoke or Ghost Chili Pepper!

Rocking Comedy Show: We Got You Covered Episode 851

On this episode Paul Shortino stopped by along with Bill Tracy Pappapetru, and Rich Hosey will be here and he is bringing Mr. and Mrs. Fucksmart. T Helping out the show we had Mario Z, Bobby Masi and Dan Doran. Small tech issue at start, but we fixed it…

Comedians, Rockers, & Rappers #850

Another great show lined up!! We welcome back to the show Chris Cash who will be talking about his new song, we also welcome back Brandon Davis of Bravo Delta who has a new song and gigs to talk about, and we welcome to the show for the first time the guy who caused the kick heard around the world Tino Sanchez! Also on the show today John Gilligan and Dan Doran doing their co hosting thing they do.

Why does it stink in here? Love Stinks on The Rocking Comedy Show

Happy VD day then The Rocking Comedy Show #849. Don’t worry I got your romance today..LOL Nothing says Happy VD day then the funniest comedy to embrace our show today like Bill Dawes and former Adult film star now comedian and amazing friend Rebecca Love. It’s a special day…blah.. No sappy BS here on VD during the RCS.. Junk Mcgee will be here as well, we have some new music to get to, more talk of Rock into Spring