YOUR HOST “CRAZY” JAY The True Legend of Crazy Jay “Crazy” Jay began his radio career June 15th 1992 on the station 93.5 KFCR and 90.1fm KBPK Jay was a huge fan of the Dr. Demento Show and infect it was Dr. Demento that gave him the name “Crazy” Jay. I heard a song when I was a young listener called She Grabbed My Coconuts by Barry & The Bookbinders I requested it for weeks, and he just wouldn’t play it, and when he finally did he said this is for Crazy Jay of Anaheim who would have to be Continue Reading


The True Legend of Crazy Jay

“Crazy” Jay began his radio career June 15th 1992 on the station 93.5 KFCR and 90.1fm KBPK

Jay was a huge fan of the Dr. Demento Show and infect it was Dr. Demento that gave him the name “Crazy” Jay. I heard a song when I was a young listener called She Grabbed My Coconuts by Barry & The Bookbinders I requested it for weeks, and he just wouldn’t play it, and when he finally did he said this is for Crazy Jay of Anaheim who would have to be crazy to request this next one as much as he has!”

Jay took the Dr. Demento show ideas to his show played funny music but started interviewing many of the local artist on the show that would submit funny songs and have them come to the show and do them LIVE in the studio. The first song Jay played on the first episode was Successful vegetarian by The Uninvited, and they would become one of the most requested artist in the history of the “Crazy” Jay Show

“Crazy” Jay started putting together live shows together with many of the artist on the show, and would pack the houses. In 1999 Jay hosted a show where his special guest was Tommy Chong, and later that year he brought comedian Rusty Warren out of retirement and gave her the Crazy Jay Show Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brea Improv. In July of 2000 Jay packed up his studio and moved to Las Vegas.

2000 in Vegas changed the show because he didn’t have the access to many of the artist that he use to, and he did not want to go back to just sounding like another Dr. Demento Show, it changed several times over the years, but it was August of 2004 when the show really changed for the best.

August 2004 the start of The Rocking Comedy Show. “I changed it from the “Crazy” Jay Show to The Rocking Comedy Show and made it a podcast. I started having special guests to come on and co host. Then I mixed in funny news, bits, main stream music with the comedy, interviews and more!” 2007 was when his first official co-host came on board Mad Mike. Mike became apart of the show for two years and it took the show to even another level it had never been at.

2009 Mad Mike left the show for a bit, and Paul “Spazz” Sperrazza stepped in and to change it up even more they added Angie as the first ever Rocking Comedy Show newsgirl. Angie left after about a year and then Lisa W came on board as the next news girl.

2011 Another change came and that was Rebekah the newest news girl and a “FANTASTIC” choice for the show. Rebekah was an instant hit with Jay and Spazz, but also the fans! In 2013 “Crazy” Jay celebrated 20 years of being “Crazy” Jay the show is bigger and better then ever before with 30,000 listeners a day. The Show is LIVE two days a week. An he pays respect to Dr. Demento every Sunday morning with the “Crazy” Jay Show. “This show is to remind everyone that if it wasn’t for the good doctor and all his demented tunes, I would never of done this…and it’s been a great ride!”

2014 Mad Mike returned to the show, Rebekah departed the show and they got Linda Lou. There have been several other co-host over the twelve year run on the show, but as of now it’s  Mad Mike, Bobby Masi, Phil Kotler, Linda Lou, and Dan Doran. Tune in on Monday Nights and get Bobby Masi, Linda, and Dan, and on Tuesdays Mad Mike and Phil Kotler. The show changes and grows all the time, and it’s always packed with fun.


 The Legend of Mad Mike.

On a dark and cloudy Tuesday night, a not quite born yet Mad mike fought like hell to keep from being evicted from his home. It was cozy and always warm, not a lot of square footage, but it was free.
34 years later, Mad Mike now pays rent and taxes like most other folk. Takes his pet Pickle “Amsterdam” on morning walks to the gas station. He uses the dishwasher to wash his clothes, and the washing mashing to clean his vegetables and uses disposable dinnerware because he has no place to wash dishes.
Thursdays you can find Mad Mike chilling behind the 7-11 between Freemont street and Dumpster #3. Mike is typically hard at work shaving local cats and donating the hair to Fruit of the Loom, who use it to make underwear for kids in Mexico.
Mad Mike has held many jobs and titles, but none more prestigious than that of Leg Waxer at the Las Vegas Zoo. Sure, he may never have gotten paid, sure… he’s had over 30 rabies shots, and sure… The Zoo is now closed due to Health code violations… But every Emu, Ostrich and the occasion Chimpanzee rocked the smoothest legs of any other animal on the West Coast!
Mad Mike Started doing the Rocking Comedy Show some 9 years ago with Crazy Jay.
Late one night while Mad Mike was driving down a side street on his way home, he saw a golden taco just laying on the middle of the road. He stopped his car and got out to pick up the amazingly delicious goldeny taco of goodness. Out of what seemed like nowhere, several seebass garbed in sinister black clothing appeared, armed with bladed instruments of agonizing death! Mad Mike was sorely outnumbered, there was no way he was going to escape with his life much less the golden taco. That’s when HE showed up. The one and only Ninja Chicken. Who singlehandedly defeated the seabass and helped Mad Mike get back home. He forgot to grab the Golden taco… Mike ate at a Burger King shortly thereafter.
TRUE: Mad Mike is 1/10th Dolphin
TRUE: Chuck Castro: a Vietnam Veteran Green Beret, was a Hamster
FALSE: You cannot grow legumes in the butt of a dead cat.
TRUE: Mad Mike has Helped Crazy Jay Interview guests like: Paul Rodriguez, Sinbad, President Clinton, Your Mother, Anthony Cools, Murray Sawchuck, Harambe, Gerry Bednob, Bobby Slayton and many more.
FALSE: Bobby Masi


John Gilligan

American Comedian John Gilligan takes observational humor in a new direction, touching on subjects such as growing up with both parents on the NYPD, Surviving a heart attack caused by a prescription medicine, and the brain injury he suffered as a result.

John perfected his delivery while serving as an adjunct instructor with the Laborers Union in Las Vegas, training nearly 10,000 workers at Project City Center. Two years in a row, he was the highest ranked safety instructor in North America, turning a 10 hour Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) class into a 10 hour comedy routine.

His self deprecating style of comedy covers a lifetime of injuries, including 8 knee surgeries, a shoulder surgery, 2 back surgeries including a spinal fusion, and being set on fire in an MRI after a surgery. No other comics seem to have a story about being attacked by a Peregrine Falcon in a friends kitchen. Due to the brain injury, John is limited to sticking with the facts to deliver his brutally honest stories for your enjoyment.

Traveling internationally, John has performed in such places as Dublin, Ireland’s Comedy Cellar and The International, Stand Up Antwerp, The Jenever Festival in Holland, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, the Cologne Comedy Festival in Germany, as well as shows in Utrecht Holland and Ghent Belgium.

Appearances on the Las Vegas episode of ABC’s Modern Family, and Travel Channel’s Food Paradise are part of John’s acting resume, having performed in a number of award winning independent films, starring in a few.

A frequently used voice on CBS Radio, John is also a favorite guest on Podcasts worldwide due to his irreverent nature, quick responses, and hysterical comments. Radio stations often reach out before shows to have John stop in and shake things up.

With U.S. appearances, John leaves them wanting more, from coast to coast. Appearances included cities like Tampa, Daytona, Orlando, Austin, Waco, Corpus Christi, Denver, Santa Fe, Boise, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu and more.Appearances in Las Vegas casinos such as Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, Rampart, Stratosphere, Bally’s, Mandalay Bay, South Point and more have made John a locals favorite as well. Make sure to catch this rising star before it’s too expensive.

Penny Prince

Since 2004 Penny Prince has been entertaining audience from around the world with his quick wit and dead on celebrity impressions.

When you close your eyes your ears can deceive you into really thinking your hearing the actual celebrity.

Hailing from Northern California quickly became a fixture in the Las Vegas Comedy scene.

In 2009 he began a 3 year stint as house MC of SinCity Comedy and Burlesque.

He has become a Strip favorite and has played many major clubs and cruise lines.

From Bugs Bunny to Charlie Sheen,to Chris Rock to even Donald Trump Penny Prince’s arsenal of impressions never ceases to amaze and is full of surprises.


Mario Z

I’m a Las Vegas based musical comic who loves to push the envelope of acceptable topics with melodic riffs. I’m Rick James and Honeybadger. I don’t give a shit and fuck your couch.


Dan Doran

There is an idea of Dan Doran and boy was it a bad one. He was spawned off the shores of Lake Erie from the great city of Cleveland, Ohio. That’s not a typo. Cleveland is great they have traffic lights, the occasional winning sports season, and talented homeless guys, sorry Urban Outdoorsmen, who can drum a bucket better than John Bonham. Dan is a guy doesn’t take himself to seriously and certainly doesn’t take most if not all of America serious. For God’s sake or what PC Hipster America calls a fictional white haired Deity in the sky, we awarded a male track star “Woman of the Year.” What’s next? a cat winning first prize at the Westminster Dog Show? He simply wont have it and will probably write a letter in protest that no one will read. In 2016, he got his feet wet in the Las Vegas comedy scene or group or congregation of people behind the Jack in the Box dumpster and decided he needed more. So, he graciously decided to hop on board the Rocking Comedy Show Express and annoy everyone as much as possible.


Bobby Masi

Bobby is originally from New Windsor, NY, in the Hudson Valley region of New York, just 60 miles north of New York City.  Growing up listening to the morning radio shows, including Howard Stern.  Bobby always wanted to be the funny guy on the radio, making prank calls, talking about sports, and current events.   So after graduating with his degree in broadcasting, Bobby went to NYC and learned the most valuable lesson, broadcasting jobs don’t pay shit!!!!   After 2 years of commuting to NYC, working in televison advertising, making 23K a year, and right after 9/11, Bobby left his job.  So not to become homeless, Bobby decided to (really had to) take a job in commission wireless phone sales.   They really ought to tell students that taking communications in college, really only leads to 3 things, working retail, standup comedy, and alcholism.   It took a job as a sales trainer, getting up in front of people everyday, to learn that he had it in him to entertain an audience.   Apparently if you can keep people from face planting on their keyboards at 8am on a Monday, you are on your way to being a standup comedian.

He has been doing comedy since 2010, doing his first open mic in Central Valley, NY.  Working as many rooms, and shows between Albany and New York City, Bobby was able to stay busy with standup comedy.   He eventually started doing shows in Las Vegas a few times a year, and that’s where it happened…. BAM!!!!   He met Crazy Jay…. we’ll get back to that in a minute.
They say comedians know just how to screw up their lives, because ultimately it helps them on stage.  Well, Bobby proved this true, when he picked up and moved to Colorado to be with his then girlfriend, and her son.  Leaving his family and friends in NY, with the dream starting a family.   What a Schmuck!  A few good things did come of this venture.   Bobby started his own radio show on KJSD, “The Bobby Masi Comedy Hour” on Sunday nights.   He was also able to be the only comedian to perform at their music open mics, as they had no comedians within 50 miles of town.  Even living in the rural Southwest region of Colorado, Bobby was featured in the May issue of Talent Monthly Magazine, and yes he was dressed in all the pictures.  However, living in a town with a population under 900 people felt less like a move for “true love”, and more like Witness Protection.  Long story short, Bobby learned that you can take the person out of crazy town, but you can’t take crazy town out of the person.  So he packed up once again, and moved to Las Vegas.   If you don’t know, after any kind of break up, Vegas is where all the best decisions are made!
Bobby was guest cohosting for Crazy Jay, anytime he was in Las Vegas, and even calling in to the show, when he was in NY.   Since arriving to Las Vegas in 2014, Bobby has become a full time cohost. (Every week Jay fires me, and then rehires me back for the next show)   Bobby loves working alongside Crazy Jay and the other cohosts, helping run this “live on the air” AA meeting of comedically perverted minds known as the Rocking Comedy Show, Hell Yeah!!!       Since joining RCS, Bobby has been featured at the Edgewater Casino in Laughlin, NV for Entertainment Max, as well as at the Rampart Casino for Bonkerz Comedy.  For over a year now, Bobby has been running “Naked City Pizza Open Mic”, every Wednesday night.