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The Wacky Record Show: The Far Out Space Edition

It’s not very often “Crazy” Jay posts his wacky records show he does on Sunday mornings LIVE on the air, unless they turn out to be special shows, here’s one of those shows that include 50 minutes of bonus songs not sire don the live broadcast

ROCKING COMEDY SHOW 917: #passadenatittiesweat

The Rocking Comedy Show #917 we have Marsha Warfield on the show proudly sponsored by Popcorn Girl! and Strip N Dip Chicken Strips. Our last show for this month happens today so we will be going out on a high note. Myself, maybe Victor Hernandez, along with Bonnie Mercado, and John Gilligan will return after our break!




The closer we get to 3:00pm the more excited I get! Thanks Spunk Lube. Today’s Rocking Comedy Show is sponsored by COLDCOCK Whiskey, Jessie Rae’s BBQ and Momenti Spirited Ice Creams & Sorbets. We have a big show today and one you should really listen to LIVE, that’s how awesome it will be. Episode 916 will ask the question “Who Put The Bomp where?” and more. We have three amazing guests today Todd Kerns, Dirk Vermin, Jimmie B. Romero coming on in the 2nd hour .


The Rocking Comedy Show is proudly sponsored by Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina and COLDCOCK Whiskey! Episode 915 coming at you LIVE at 6:00pm (pst) today on the phone we will talk with WildEyes. Then a review of the Laughlin Laugh Fest, and some games to be played, booze to be drank, and laughs to be had. Crazy Jay,  Bonnie Mercado, Dan Doran, Victor Hernandezall on the 44th floor


EP 914

On this episode comedian Joey Medina calls in, then “Crazy” Jay and Bonnie talk with Prince Ama and they play games and more.