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Rocking Comedy Show: B-Sides Part 2 899

#899 We have comedian Kyle Ruse calling in. We are not missing an episode 894 (Original) is available for a $2.00 donation to our paypal. 894 was a re-do so we could post something!! Victor and Crazy Jay bring you News, Classic Commercials, Time Machine of Music and more.

Rocking Comedy Show: B-Sides 897

Today #897 of The Rocking Comedy Show our old friend Prince Ama coming to Vegas to join us again… great guest. New music from a group called Call of All and from London The Wild Things. Want to thank Strip N Dip Chicken Strips for sponsoring the show today, as well as Shakespeare Vodka and No Hangover

Rocking Comedy Show 896

Joe Matkowsky Shrine scored big the last time he was on The Rocking Comedy Show, How well will he do this time ? Only time will tell.  Also on the show we have Screaming For Silence and Year of the Locust – YOTL in our COLDCOCK Whiskey band spotlight they will be call in to talk to us about what they have going on.

The Rocking Comedy Show: We Got You Covered part 2 Episode 895

The Rocking Comedy Show #895 “We Got You Covered prt2” This was a pretty episode. We had a great Mystery Guest who turned out to be Wesley Eure who played “Will Marshall” in the 1974 TV show Land of the Lost “Crazy” Jay, John Gilligan, Mario Zapata, and Victor Hernandez bringing you the laughs today.

The Rocking Comedy Show: RE-DO 894

Today 894 of The Rocking Comedy Show will feature a phone interview with Stevie Dacanay from Buckcherry and Josh Todd & The Conflict.