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Rocking Comedy Show 868

The Rocking Comedy Show 868 at 3:00pm (pst) 6:00pm (est) 4:00pm (mt) LIVE on www.radiovegas.rocks we are going to have fun with Victor Hernandez, and calling in to talk about Rock Into Spring it’s Reclaim The Sky! We have the Time Machine of Music, Word of the Day and more!! Joining me on the 44th floor is Mario Zapata, Dan Doran, and John Gilligan

Rocking Comedy Show 867

The Rocking Comedy Show myself and Junk Mcgee welcome back to the show in studio Rob Hau & Pure Joy calling in to the show tomorrow from Art Of Anarchy it’s Bumblefoot, and in studio to get the party really started a another band who is playing Rock Into Spring it’s Alive In Barcelona!

Big Wet Titties: Rocking Comedy Show 866

Proudly sponsored by Gangster, and Spunk Lube! Log and tune in to the show Anita Neal calls “The best porn on the internet for my ears!” The show Scott Rumsey says if it weren’t for these guys doing the show without pants I would have no real reason to listen! Tonight we have Is it a romance novel or the title of a porn! We have the one and only Daniel Park coming on the show, and also the multi talented Tony Felicetta who says he has the perfect grilled cheese sandwich recipe. Mario Zapata will teach us how to make a sweater out of Bobby Masi’s belly button lint, and Dan Doran says “shut the fuck up, your lucky i’m even free to do this today! Also Time Machine of Music, Word of the Day, and so much more!!


Today join Crazy Jay we have Mario Zapata, and John Gilligan L.A.vation-The World’s Greatest Tribute to U2 will be joining us in studio!! Plus another contestant stopping by for the Zowie Bowie Karaoke Contest!!

Rocking Comedy Show 864

We have another big show for you today, and we love it. We welcome back to the show Keith Reza. Last time Keith was on the show he won or Dream Date contest with Sunset Thomas. Also we will be speaking with Lil Duval very funny dude as well. We also have Zac Hilon stopping by and the very lovely Miss Miranda Glamour. All that and we have Dan Doran & Junk Mcgee co-hosting the show! We told you bigger and better in 2017 and that’s what we’re bringing you