Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Twisted Tunes Battle (RE-MATCH) with Crazy Jay and Mad Mike

Who will win? Listen and vote.. how? Log back on when done listening and vote!


The Rocking Comedy Show we wrap up 2016 with episode 838. We have Alan Childs stopping by, Cass Cates from Ashley Red, Tim Catching, and even a visit from Santa Claus (but who is Santa? It’s Holiday Mystery Guest) Also on the show Philip Kotler and Junk Mcgee (Mad Mike). LaDair Guzman will be joining the party with his awesome 3-D pics and more.

Not So Silent Night

The Rocking Comedy Show #837 “Not So Silent Night” happens LIVE tomorrow night! This is our second to last show for the year!!! I have some great fun planned for our 1st of 2 Christmas Shows. We have Ben Curtis calling in tomorrow, plus the very funny Penny Prince will be here, and Joshua Greenway as well. Along with myself we have Mario Z, and Bobby Masi, and also bringing some Christmas Spirit in the form of bottles Dan Doran will be on the show. We may even have a surprise guest or 2 drop by the show. We have some games, Evil Santa and more. We go LIVE TODAY at 6:00pm (pst) 9:00pm (est) on www.radiovegas.rocks

Closing Off The “O” Ring

The Rocking Comedy Show #836 happens today at 3:00pm. Along with me it’s Philip Kotler and making his birthday weekend complete we have Ken Osborne as your co-host filling in for  (Mad Mike). On the show today we have Tim Cooper and funny man Gary Caouette. We will be taking your calls at 970-296-8308 we have Time Machine of Music, and even the word of the day. Plus we took a few calls!

Rocking Comedy Show 835

Episode #835  will feature comedian John Gilligan.. Does John have the answers to the games he will play on his clipboard? (NO) John always has great things to talk about. Also on the show Mario Z and Bobby Masi will be co hosting, and drinking, and maybe giving the answer to the meaning of life. They hated us in New Zealand but Rock93X loved us over the weekend like many of our syndicated family. We will bring you the Word of the day, Time Machine of Music, What year is it and more.