Monthly Archives: November 2016


We have some more fun planned today. We have the one and only Steve McGrew coming in, plus I will announce our first comedian who is headlining the Rock Into Spring Show this April. I will also be giving away a pair of Gangster headphones, one pair a week till Christmas. We have so much going on with this episode and joining Crazy Jay is Phil and Dan.


We are getting closer and closer to our last show of the year which will be Dec 19th at Pioneer Saloon. But today we are live from the 44th floor bringing you episode #833 and we bring you today Girl Haggard, and also Eric Stacy from Faster Pussycat and the soon to be Stacy’s Racy Rock N Roll Show that he is coming on to promote. Also from Cranked Up Live Curtis McKinney will be in studio. Rumor has it Linda Lou will be here, and as your co-hosts it’s Mario Z and Bobby Masi.

Twisted Christmas Show Part 1


It’s that time of year, and “Crazy” Jay has dusted them off to bring you part 1. Lots of good ones played on our first one of the year.

Rocking Comedy Show 832

Today The Rocking Comedy Show #832 welcomes Lenny Windsor to the 44th floor, we will talk with him to find out why the Queen tossed him out the country again, plus we have a new game to play with Lenny! We also have Frankie Almost & Jessa Hills stopping by the show as well. Junk Mcgee (Mad Mike) said something about a special Thanksgiving Aren’t You Glad Your Blindfolded game. We also have Dan Doran co hosting and bar tending as well. We have the Time Machine of Music, What Year is it, and more.

Rocking Comedy Show 831

Why listen? Joe Matkowsky Shrine is our guest and we heard he was voted the only guy in Vegas to have the best chest hair, plus he loves waffles. Mario Zapata will be in on this episode and knocking out his three year anniversary with the show as full time co-host Bobby Masi will be here, we have news to discuss, announcements, music, and our usual games.