Monthly Archives: June 2016

The 800th Episode has arrived!

Episode 800

WOW! What a show we have here. The 44th floor was packed with great friends who have been apart of the show. We had Holes and Hearts, Paige Overton, “Spazz” Richard Cooper, Lenny Windsor, Carol-Lyn Riddle, The All Togethers, Tom Stevens, Mario Z, Jon & Annette Lindquist, and of course Bobby Masi, Dan Doran, and Ashley Red, This was a great episode.

Rocking Comedy Show #799

Episode 799

“Crazy” Jay, Philip Kotler, and Mad Mike bring you this fun filled episode. We have The Skidmark Kids, Rebecca Love, Mariah Rivera, and Kyle & Mistie Knight. Plus some games, and past clips. Plus 15 minutes that didn’t make the LIVE show because we ran over time, so bonus content.

Rocking Comedy Show Episode #798

Ep 798

As the gang gets closer to the 800th episode more, and more of their friends want to stop by and have fun on the show. This episode is “Crazy” Jay, Bobby Masi, and Dan Doran. On the show is Rob Anderson, Joe M, Kyle Kruger, and former co-host Jason Halpin. Sit back and enjoy the fun.

Rocking Comedy Show 797 “Joclyn’s Cookies”

Ep 797

“Crazy” Jay along with Mad Mike, and Philip Kotler bring you this episode with our guest Joclyn Stone. She tells it the way it is, and then some. We play a few games, and have lots of laughs!

Rocking Comedy Show 796

Episode 796

“Crazy” Jay, Bobby Masi, Beau Evans, and Lance Montalto are bringing you the laughs on this episode. We welcome back to the show Colby Ashton, play the Time Machine of Music, Fired up the Coldcock Whiskey Band Spotlight and more. 4 more to go till 800!