Monthly Archives: May 2016

Rocking Comedy Show #793

Ep 793

Another great episode of the RCS! “Crazy” Jay, Mad Mike, and Phil bring you thisone. Our very good friend of the show Steve McGrew hung out with us, and we had Shaun Degraff. Played some games, music, and more.

Rocking Comedy Show #792

Ep 792

8 more episodes to go!! “Crazy” Jay, Dan Doran, and Bobby Masi take you on this roller-coaster of a show. Dan does the News, Bobby has the who’s who in comedy, we have Richard Cooper, Ron Kingson, and Cristin Sandu as your guest. This is bonus content at the end, many who listened LIVE did not hear the last 30 minutes.

The Rocking Comedy Show Episode 791

Ep 791

“Crazy” Jay, Mad Mike, and Phil bring you t his fun filled episode. We welcome Micheal “Wheels” Parise to the show it’s been awhile since he was on the show, and we also welcome Marylyn Bast as well. Show is a lot of fun.

Rocking Comedy Show Episode 790

Ep 790

The countdown to 800 shows starts here! “Crazy” Jay, Bobby Masi, and Dan Doran bring the laughs. This is a fantastic episode. Kevin Burke from Defending The Caveman stops by along with Chris Durnez, and Mere Machine. Lots of fun and man, oh man does this episode move quick.

Rocking Comedy Show Episode 789

Ep 789

11 more to go before the big party!! On this episode “Crazy” Jay and Philip Kottler sit down with the very funny Brian Scolaro and Ali Breen. Brian is also the host of This Is My Podcast.