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Rocking Comedy Show 783


On this episode the gang is joined by Bill Dawes, Shayma Tash, Mark Serritella from the Laugh Factory sit in, Mike pulls out his pickle, and much much, more.

Rocking Comedy Show Episode 782

Ep 782

This is a fun one! “Crazy” Jay, Bobby “Another Slice” Masi, and Dan Doran come packing jokes and more. Jay introduces to new games, Dan may or may not rant about chips, someone is forced to do Karaoke, and we have Ricardo Maltobum and Blue Ruin on the show. Enjoy!!

We Charge More Than Corey Feldman

Episode 781

Fun episode with the Amazing Leoni and a new game!

Light & Fruity like a Liberace Pool Boy! Episode 780

Hey There!

The gang, “Crazy” Jay, Bobby Masi, and Linda Lou welcomes NEW co-host Dan Doran to the show. They talk about all kinds of topics, had some connection problems and were working on the back up copy, but enjoy this one for now

Rocking Comedy Show Guest Paul Shortino

Ep 779

With new improvements to the new studio there are always things going on. This one there were issues with the sound board but we cleaned up the sound the best we could and its sounds pretty good. We speak with Paul Shortino of Raiding The Rock Vault, King Kobra, and Quiet Riot. We also welcome a new co-host to the team Dan Doran who will be joining the show on Mondays. Good stuff here sound is just a little crazy.