Monthly Archives: March 2016

Rocking Comedy Show #773

Episode 773

A lot of fun on this show with “Crazy” Jay and Phil Kotler. We sit down with the very funny Harry Basil of the Las Vegas Laugh Factory and he was Rodney Dangerfield’s opener for many years.

The Mad Mike High Power Hour….Continues!

No seriously it really does, it’s right here if you don’t believe us, go ahead download it!

Rocking Comedy Show “Dropping Knowledge On Your Face”

Ep 772

“Crazy” Jay, Linda Lou, Bobby Masi together again for the second time this year!! This is a hell of an episode. Bobby Kingston stops by to talk about the Saddle and Spur Saloon the new home of Rocking Comedy’s Afternoon Saturday Show. Bobby also plays a bit for us, also on the show the very fun Joshua Greenway, and a surprise pop in from Jason Halpin, Darron Borrows, and Matt Dorman. Enjoy this onje, its packed with a lot of stuff and laughs.

Rocking Comedy Show with Guest Bedstuy Gab and Johannes Rott

Episode 771

“Crazy” Jay and Phillip Kotler get real and thug like with Bedstuy Gab! They talk about a new app with Johannes Rott. We play karaoke or Ghost Chili Pepper, and more.

Rocking Comedy Show with Guest Lance Montalto

Episode 770

“Crazy” Jay and Bobby “Big Mac” Masi sit down and get some laughs with a true road comic with tons of stories Lance Montalto.