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Rocking Comedy Show 764/ 765

Hey there!

If you missed the news Rocking Comedy Show got picked up by two radio stations and “Crazy” Jay wasn’t sure how to do the first syndicated show, both 764 & 765 had tech issues, so he combined them both to give the first syndicated show a highlight of each show, so what your hearing here is the syndicated version that was sent out. This episode contains their Marsha Warfield Interview as well as the Micheal Louis Austin Band, and so much more.

The Mad Mike High Power Hour

It’s the Mad Mike High Power Hour, and it’s really like a ride inside the mind of Mike, and you get to experience his world

Rocking Comedy Show 763

Ep 763

“Crazy” Jay,  Mad Mike, and Phil brings you this really fun episode! They bring in improv , actor Micheal Hartnett. There are games, fun stories and more.

The Rocking Comedy Show 761

Happy Birthday Phillip Kotler! “Crazy” Jay, Mad Mike, and Phillip bring you 761 and it’s just pcked with fun stuff for Phillips Birthday

Rocking Comedy Show Episode 760

On this episode of the Rocking Comedy Show, “Crazy” Jay and Bobby “Big Mac” Masi have fun with Brien Thompson.