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Mad Mike’s High Power Hour The only 15 minute show that is 2 hours long!

If you’re a fan of Mad Mike then you no it’s hard to tell ya what is gonna happen on each show without killing the surprise!

Mad Mike’s High Power Hour!

Like all good shows, many deserve a spin-off so here at Rocking Comedy Show we now give you Mad Mike and his own show!

Rocking Comedy Show 757

Episode 757

“Crazy” Jay, Mad Mike, and Phillip Kotler take ya down this episode. hey are joined by Ben Phan, and Lolita Haze. Fun times once again on the 44th floor!

Rocking Comedy Show 756

Episode 756

“Crazy” Jay, Bobby Masi, and filling in for Linda Lou was our good friend Chase Shumway! We welcome Jill Alvilez. There is the Coldcock Whiskey Band Spotlight, New Game and more!


Episode 755

“Crazy” Jay along with Mad Mike, and Phil they do Trivia against “Shambles” Mad Mike makes Jay and Phil eat weird things and more. Plus their guest was Professor Phylex and Ms. Glaoure.