Monthly Archives: December 2015

Last Rocking Comedy Show of 2015

It’s been a great year for Rocking Comedy, they will return Jan 18th 2016 with all new shows!

Rocking Comedy Show 752

Second to last show to the year is here!!

“Crazy” Jay and Mad Mike are your hosts of this one, and it’s packed with so much goodness. They speak with LJ Harness, Eric Brasher, Shawn Adamson, Micheal Louis Austin, and Jefferson Peterson the 420 comic.

The Rocking Comedy Show 751

Episode 751

The last Tuesday show of 2015 and man oh man did Crazy Jay and Phil have fun. Daniel Park stopped by and so did Ben Stone. Lots of fun on this one.

The Rocking Comedy Show 750

Episode 750

“Crazy” Jay, Linda Lou, and Bobby “Tittie Sprinkles” Masi bring you this humor charged episode. They are getting ready to wrap up the year and they do with the Rocking Comedy Show’s Annual call from Dr. Elmo The Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer Guy. There is NEWS and boy!! Is there news.

Rocking Comedy Show 749

Episode 749~

“Crazy” Jay, Mad Mike, Phil, and Amber are having a blast on this episode of The Rocking Comedy Show. There is Triva, Put That In Your Mouth, and more!