Monthly Archives: July 2015

Rocking Comedy Show #710

“Crazy” Jay and Bobby Masi welcome Catfish John on this episode!! Also we do News, Best of Craigslist, and have some audio fun!

Rocking Comedy Show #709

“Crazy” Jay, Phillip Kotler, and Joz Sharp bring you this episode!

Stoney Curtis from the Stoney Curtis band stops by and Phil brings us Trivia!


Rocking Comedy Show #708

Hey There!

“Crazy” Jay and Bobby Masi bring you this offensive filled episode (not really, but you never know these days!) Joey Hines is the guest, they talk about Jared Milton and more

Rocking Comedy Show #707

Ep #707

“Crazy” Jay and Mad Mike welcome back Jenn to the show. They do some celebrity prank call, News, Best of Craigslist, and get entertained by The Study Buddies, and Lorne and Mike from the Bold and Belligerent podcast heard LIVE on RadioVegas.Rocks stops by to promote their show and to play a game!

This episode sponsored by the letter “O” for Offended #706

Ep~ 706

“Crazy” Jay, Robbie Komrs, and Bobby Masi welcome one of the contest from the comedy contest John Gilligan to discuss a situation that occurred after the contest and some callers also called in to give their opinion.