Monthly Archives: June 2015

Rocking Comedy Show 693

“Crazy” Jay, Linda Lou, and Bobby Masi = The Monday Show! Enjoy this one we sure did

Rocking Comedy Show #692

“Crazy” Jay along with Mad Mike welcome Anton Knight back to the show. This is just a fun show full of chaos and more. Anton experienced his first Mad Mike encounter!! Lots of fun here.

F%&K & Boogers #690

Episode 690

“Crazy” Jay welcomes back Bobby Masi from his vacation, Linda Lou has the News and more, and Michael Louis Austin from The All Togethers stops by to talk about his solo project and to play some tunes.

Rocking Comedy Show #689

This episode is hosted by “Crazy” Jay, Robbie Komrs, and Bobby Masi. We welcome Zac Hilon and Lolita Haze to the show.

Speak Your Mind & Own It! #688

Ep 688

“Crazy” Jay and Linda Lou host this one Bobby Masi was in New York. Jay and Linda talk about all kinds of topics on this episode, from Assholes who text message, speaking your mind, and more. Plus one of our favorite local performers come by the 44th floor it’s Richard Cooper. There is the word of the day, News, & The Best of Craigslist.