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Rocking Comedy Show #666

The Devil didnt make us do it! Ashley Red in the house, and bad add. You guys had a pretty strong that they weren’t. Then I find out your the reasion why! Join me for this song as we welcome the rude into the outfit!!

Almost The Mark of the Beast!

Ep~ 665

“Crazy” Jay and Halpin start the fun, and are soon joined by Bobby Masi. they discuss the Rocking Comedy Show Stands Up To Cancer Show, played some very funny clips. We do Word of the Day, Best of Craigslist, and more. Joshua Greenway was their guest.

Rocking Comedy Show

Hey gang on this episode we get laughs from Mad Mike, and Crazy Jay. Then an hour later Bobby takes the realm.


Super Silly Show

It’s time for your weekly dose of silly! The Crazy 8 Countdown is back, we have the song snatch and more.

The Blacklist 663

Ep 663

“Crazy” Jay, Lou M, and Randall have fun on this episode for a Friday. The Guest Jason Tenner had some issues and was unable to make it.