Monthly Archives: March 2015

Rebekah Don’t Work Here No More

Ep 647

On this episode Crazy Jay and Jenn are joined by Jason Outlaw who helped co host this one. They speak with Robin Mc Auley of MSG and Survivor Fame, but better known to us here in Las Vegas from Raiding The Rock Vault. Also on the show Brandon Donelly. There is some news, Best of Craigslist, Word of The Day and a very weird call from a Rebekah fan that wants to wish her a Happy Birthday

The Rocking Comedy Show 646

This episode “Crazy” Jay is joined by Mike Sparks as your co host. Lou Lou Magelowitz was also co hosting along with Bobby Masi. Also on the show it’s the Lawn Mower Death Riders

It’s So Cheesy! #645

Ep 645

“Crazy” Jay, Michele and Mad Mike bring you this episode. they have The Solid Suns, Geoff Grant, and Manny Hein who brings them the worlds first too stoned guy! Also on the show they speak with the StripCheeze Food Truck Girls they do News, Best Of Craigslist, Word of The Day and More!

Rocking Comedy Show #644

On this episode “Crazy” Jay, Robbie, Bobby and Michele have fun with Bruce Purcell, and Shanna Christmas, Plus the Bacon Boys stopped by again.

Rocking Comedy Show 643

Hey Gang!

Jay, Jenn and Jason the triple J bring you this hilarious episode of The Rocking Comedy Show. they are joined by Comedian Dee Brooks, Daniel Parks, and Mario Zapta. We have the News, Best of Craigslist and more.