Monthly Archives: January 2015

Rocking Comedy Show 613

This episode do to storms back east where our wavestreamer server is we had some issues, with the first part of the show. On this episode “Crazy” Jay and Las Vegas Larry have fun with local group Smashing Alice. They have fun with edible ass candy and more!

Two Comedy Legends

Ep~ 612

This is a epic podcast that will go down in history! “Crazy” Jay has known Jackie since 1995 and he has called in, or taped an interview from remote locations but he has never been in studio till now! Then Jackie is joined by The Pitbull Of Comedy Bobby Slayton. Also on the show the very funny Bruce Purcell. Bobby Masi was co-hosting along with Linda Lou. This is one not to miss!

Big Black Balls In My Face

Episode 611

This is another great episode from the 44th floor! “Crazy” Jay, Jenn and Jason Halpin bring the funny with Best of Craigslist, and more. Also on the show Jeremy Wieand gets in on the fun with Would You Rather, and the amazing Beau Hodges brings his musical talents to the show.

Rocking Comedy Show 610

“Crazy” Jay and Bobby Masi talk with comedy booker and promoter Amy Pittle and we speak with Chris Cash, we also do a review of The AVN Expo, Best of Craigslist, news and more.

Rocking Comedy Show brings the Flavor!

Episode 609

“Crazy” Jay and Mad Mike have fun with celebrity Magician Murray Sawchuck, and they welcome a new artist to the Rocking Comedy Show Justin Turner. This is a fun one.