Monthly Archives: November 2014

Crazy Jay’s Stupid X-Mas Show Part 1

Look out here comes part one of the twisted holiday tunes! Just ask yourself how many of these songs does Crazy Jay have?

What Would Dr. Phil Do?

“Crazy” Jay and Bobby Masi are joined by legendary comedian/actor Gerry Bedknob from the 40 Year Old Virgin!

The Classic Rock Jukebox (Thanksgiving Edition)

You know the Jukebox was good if we archived it! “Crazy” Jay got us started and then we get a real touch of “THANKS” from Dennis Mitchell you know the guy that hosts Breakfast With The Beatles! Then our old friend A.J> stops by to play some tracks!

Crazy Jay and Bobby Get Silly

On this show “Crazy” Jay and Bobby Masi bring you the funny!

Wicked Tango Infused

Ep 590

“Crazy” Jay, Jason Halpin, Jenn, and Jason Bird bring you a fun one here! They welcome Matt Dorman to sing some funny songs, and comedian Robbie Komrs stops by to promote his show, there is drinking and Spazz!!