Monthly Archives: October 2014

It’s A “Twisty” Halloween For Micheal Myers

Ep 576!

“Crazy” Jay brings you his annual spook-tacular show. This year he speaks with John Carrol Lynch “Twisty” from American Horror Story, and James Winburn who was Micheal Myers in the first Halloween Movie.

Mad Mike Is Back!!

Ep~ 575

Mad Mike is back and ready to co host with “Crazy” Jay and we here some funny wedding day stories, how he met his wife, and we laugh and sing with The All Togethers!

Gloved for your pleasure!

Ep 574~

“Crazy” Jay Bird and his alter magic ego Jason Bird give you News, Best of Craigslist, and they talk with Maxx Padilla from The Handie Fame, also on the show Cash Colligan, and Sonia Sellinger

Let’s Just Fucking Fresbiee

Ep~ 573

The Tuesday Trio is back! Jason Halpin brought the laughs here on this episode. Jenn B right along with him brought the funny and the boobs!! Good times talking about all kinds of stuff, and we got a visit from Ashton Zyer! This is a great episode!!

Magical Sausage Fest

Ep~ 572

“Crazy” Jay is back from Vacation, Linda Lou was on assignment and Darius Stoned will be back on Wednesday. Jay talks about topics that are trending on line, plays new comedy from Rodney Carrington, and interviews the Naked Magicians!