Monthly Archives: August 2014

Silly Sunday Show! 8/31/14

It’s time get silly again! This time Brian Keen from the Solid Suns brings his Crazy 8 list to the 44th floor, we think you will like this one for sure.

Classic Rock Jukebox

“Crazy” Jay and Uncle Pecos bring you some amazing tracks of Classic Rock!

The Silly Sunday Show (Crazy Beatles)

Get your weekly dose of silly with the Silly Sunday Show. The crazy 8 is back and it’s a special tribute to the fab 4!

World Command Center Of BS!


“Crazy” Jay is joined at the central control hub with Woz and J.W. also on the show is Brien Thompson and they do News, Best of Craigslist and more.

Rocking Comedy Show 542

On this episode Crazy Jay and Las Vegas Larry The Cable Guy have laughs with Tyler Boeh and also on the show is Mike Vargovich from Avalon Landing. We do the News, Best of Craigslist and more!