Monthly Archives: July 2014

“Where’s Mad Mike?”

Episode 531

On this Episode JW had a delayed flight and Mad Mike was out for personal issue, but It was a throwback Thursday episode as “Crazy” Jay’s two Co-hosts were Spazz and A.J. and what fun they all had with Stephaine Sanchez and Bill Tracy!

The Show Must Go On!

Episode 530

This episode starts off weird, even has a weird vibe according to host “Crazy” Jay. the Pink Gorilla stopped by the 44th floor, Mark Bennick shows up to co-host and they have fun with Geoff Grant and Daniel Howard, Best of Craigslist was so funny, and they close out with the news. Enjoy the video of Geoff and Daniel singing their hit song!

It’s Raining Tacos

Episode 529

“Crazy” Jay brought the humor to this episode, but he didn’t do it alone! With Jason Halpin and Jenn Buergey co hosting and doing the News we new it would be good, but now add Ricky Byrne, Lachlan Patterson and Jeremy Young to the Best of Craigslist and more, and throw in Wicked Tango and BOOM! an amazing episode!

The Rocking Comedy Show: 3 years in the making

This episode #528 “3 years in the making” is true! “Crazy” Jay has tried for three years to get Jeremy James on the show, but he is so busy with gigs he never had time. Also on the show Chris Kennedy. Linda Lou has the News, we do Best of Craigslist and more. The video posted is from this very show.

Silly Sunday Show (Annyoing Songs)

Here is another episode of The Silly Sunday Show!