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Rocking Comedy Show 462

Hey RCS Fans!

We have Mike Rassumesen as Co-host and his boy Scotty as well. We find out how weird Mike really is, Best of Craigslist, and in studio it’s Beau Hodges!

Rocking Comedy Show #461

Episode 461

Can you say “Unleash crazy?” We did on this episode with Steven Briggs and Dave Rosenberg co-host also comedian Day stops by and Jenn brings the news, and plays Would You Rather with the guys. There is also Best of Craigslist and Jay opens the RCS Vault one more time.

Rocking Comedy Show #460

Hey RCS Fans!

Episode 460 is here, and lots of fun! Kevin Winne is back as Co-Host, plus comedian Bill Dawes who is featuring over at The Laugh Factory this week is here for Best of Craigslist, News, and more. The we have the Mystic Pumpkins! (LOL)

Rocking Comedy Show #459

Hey Everybody!

Ok All our funny people Kevin Winne was Co-host on this one and he brought his friend Chelse with him. Then we had the Lawn Mower Death Riders on. There was Best of  Craigslist, and the News, and we did a round of Would You Rather! The video we posted is from the Life Cube being lit on Fire!!

Rocking Comedy Show 458

Hey Everyone!

Nice way to wrap up the week with this episode. Filling in for Beau was Las Vegas Larry The Cable Guy, and Henry Phillips who had not been on the show in about 13 years. Had a real fun episode here.