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Rocking Comedy Show #349

Episode #349

This is sure a great way to get you thru a Wednesday! It’s a Wacky Wednesday Drinking Show

Rocking Comedy Show #348

On this episode “Crazy” Jay is joined by Billy Johnson, Rick Durate, Crazy Cole and Zack Risen!

Silly Sunday 7/28/13


Enjoy this week as we looked at “Forgotten Oldies” I play the Pot Smoker Song by Neil Diamond on this episode and didn’t have information on the film it was in years ago, and have searched for awhile, but it was a military movie called “People Vs. Pot” it’s only 30 minutes, and I have added it here!

Rocking Comedy Show 347

Hey gang!

big thanks to Bobby Masi who sat in all week it was a blast, in this episode Adam Norwest called in we played an interview with Pablo Fransisco and Las Treal Stopped by.

Rocking Comedy Show 346


We had fun on this one with StefenRock plus Bobby Masi interviewed the Royal Baby!