Monthly Archives: January 2013

Rocking Comedy Show #245
Hey Everybody! Did you hear? We are now doing the show "LIVE" this is the first official live show, we had a few issues with the mics, and fixed this episode the best we could. Future episodes this problem has been fixed. On this episode are guests are Oscar Hein, "Wheels" and PJ McGuire! Fun show!!   ...
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Rocking Comedy Show # 244
Episode 244 On this episode we do interviews with Artist Unknown and Ross Wilkinson from The Third Degree! Rebekah has the News, we do the Crazy 8 Countdown and more! ...
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Rocking Comedy Show 243
Episode 243 features interview with Comedian Andrew Norelli, Bedstuy Gab, and Paul Corson, also on the show a review of the AVN EXPO, the news, The Crazy 8 Countdown, and a interview with "Crazy" Jay when he was a guest on the Podcast "I Do Tings!" Fun episode for sure! We are making changes with the site, and doing updates, so if you get the show thru Stitcher, or Itunes anything that uses the RSS FEED that has changed and may take a day to switch over. Enjoy Here is Paul Coron's video for Midnight Train ...
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