Monthly Archives: August 2010

Rocking Comedy Show Episode 126
Hey Everybody! The shows each week seem to be getting better and better. This week on the 44th floor myself and the "Spazz" have fun with Dangerous Curves, Bonnie Mizell, Billy Krause, Christopher Laporte and more! This is a great show enjoy!
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Rocking Comedy Show Episode 125
Were truly rocking now everybody, thanks to the "SPAZZ" On this episode all mic issues have been fixed, and what a show... (wait more excitment) WHAT A SHOW!!! It's full of Hooters Girls from Sunset Station in Henderson, NV. We got Stardust Fall Out Magazine stopping by, Scott "Scooter" Diel talks about his film project, Brian Hoffman stops by to talk about his show on the strip and to tell us some things he Can't Get Behind..More you say? How about Hot Chick Doing The News with Angie, and Aleh stopping by to sing and...
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Rocking Comedy Show Episode 124
Hey Everybody Get ready for a real thrill ride of fun! The overhaul of The Rocking Comedy Show was a real success. On this episode we welcome your new Co-host who brought so much to the show Paul "Spazz" Sperrazza, also Angie Magallanes comes in as your news girl, Insane Rabbi was there, and we had a great guest who stopped by named Jeremiah Suter who performed some of his music, also we kicked off our Hooters Karaoke Contest, and more! We also gave the audio a bit of a overhaul as well, so for many...
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