Monthly Archives: March 2009

Rocking Comedy Show #65
Hey Everybody! Welcome to Episode 65! Myself and Mad Mike are at it again. Hear some new material from Leaving Springfield, Phoebe Carter, Dino-Mike and others. We do a phone interview with Dino-Mike about his new song, and CD. Mad Mike helps youout once again with his "How To's" and make sure youcatch the video clips of Mike doing those "How To's" located here at the official site. Also a video posted of  "Crazy" Jay that's right yours truly doing his Rockband performance. The Show has "Not, In The News, News" and the Crazy 8 Countdown....
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Rocking Comedy Show #64
Hello Everybody! Get ready for an amazing RIDE!! #64 is going to make you laugh so hard you might need a doctor. Mike G is set as the Co-Host and he has never been funnier! This is what the Rocking Comedy Show should be about! Coming up on Episode #64 Mike G will be back with more "How To Tips". Not In The News, News, The Crazy 8 Countdown, which is an all STEPHEN LYNCH countdown. Plus another Guest Dj Krista stops by to spin her favorite tunes! This show is an AWARD WINNER!!!...
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