Monthly Archives: May 2008

Rocking Comedy Show #54
Hey Podcasters! If you download the show with your ipod, then you get a very special show. Look for the secret link called Special Desert Fest podcast and download it. This show was requested by a few who enjoyed the secret show for their drive out to the fest. Now if you don't have a ipod and u find the link.....enjoy the show as well....
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Rocking Comedy Show Episode #53
Hey FESTERS!!!! Last year at the Desert Fest we decided to record the radio show out there and it went surprisingly well. Speech Impediment Man was the co-host we did contests, interviews, played music, talked about the fest and had a great time. This is a replay of last years show. This year I will be out there again with a bigger and better show and Dino-Mike will be hosting that show with me. That one will be posted in June when I return from the Fest. Enjoy this show we had a lot of...
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Rocking Comedy Show #52
Hey Everybody! It's time yet again for another episode of the Rocking Comedy Show and #52 is great. It features a classic interview from the vault with funny man Henry Phillips. Plus new music from Zerofingers, and songs to get you ready for Desert Fest. Plus the popular segment known as Not In The News, News. Here is a comment from the artist "Half Eaten Oranges" and what they think of The Rocking Comedy Show: Jay, thanks a bunch for the play! Your show is fucking awesome lol. Without a doubt the best comedy show we have...
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Rocking Comedy Show #51
Hey Everybody! Who's rocking the 44th floor this week? Try Las Vegas local Sharon Paquette. I premiered her stuff on the last show, and this time she come to the 44th floor for a great interview and to perform for us. Also some great rocking music from My Chemical Romance, Angles and Airwaves, and more. Also great comedy from John Pinette, Adam Ferrera "Weird Al" Yankovic and more. Plus your requests and Not In The News, News. It's a fun one!...
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Rocking Comedy Show Episode #50
Hey Everybody! Welcome to the 50th episode of the Rocking Comedy Show, seems like I have done more then that, but here it is! On this show tons...wait TONS!!! of new music and artist can be found here. Like Sharon Paquette, Half Eaten Oranges, Plan B, new stuff from Carla Ulbrich, Dino-Mike and Zerofingers. If that is not enough to get you to tune in there is Not In The News, News your requests, and a great in-studio interview with Leaving Springfield. Also a tribute to the upcoming Desert Fest!!!...
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