Monthly Archives: April 2008

Rocking Comedy Show #49
Hey Everybody~ #49 is another great show! It features Not In The News, News which I think is the best news I have done yet. Check out the first story that I just can't through. Also a new song from Zerofingers called Rosie's Neck. The check out a classic interview from the Vault from 5-2001 with funny man Bill Larkin. This interview was done before I moved to Las Vegas, and he does some great funny songs. Check it out! ...
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Episode #48 features Matt Kirshen
Hey Everyone! So it's going to be another great show. This one features great comedy, and rocking tunes. It's full of requests and more. The last few weeks have been great on the show, and it's not different for #48. Joining me on Not In The News News from last season's Last Comic Standing is funny man Matt Kirshen. His take of the news is very funny shit. Also on the show rocking the 44th floor is a great new band to the show and the Las Vegas area they are called "PLAN B" they are...
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