Monthly Archives: March 2008

Rocking Comedy Show #47
Hey Everybody! It's time for another great show from the Rocking Comedy Show Studios. This show features an in studio Interview with local Las Vegas Band "Stone Dead Roses" I talk with them about their music and they even perform for us as well. Also on the show Not In The News, News your request, and new music from Leaving Springfield, and The Four Zoas. Check it out! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO PLAYER TO THE RIGHT TO SEE A LIVE PERFORMANCE OF STONE DEAD ROSES AT THE BITE OF LAS VEGAS! Then check out the link below to...
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Rocking Comedy Show #46
Hey Everybody! Welcome to another Rocking Comedy Show direct from the 44th floor of my electric sandbox. This show features our first in-studio guest for 2008 and also for the new studio. That would be local talent Brother Luke. Also Not In The News, News, your request, and some new music. Also some stand-up from Steve McGrew, Larry The Cable Guy, and more. Great show I hope you enjoy it! ...
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