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Twisted Xmas Show 2007!!
'Tis the season for forgiveness... or is it? Dyno Mike returns this year even after he burnt down the RCS Studios last year and I've decided to forgive him, let bygones be bygones, turn the other cheek... wait. Does that sound like me? Nope. Check out the show to see if the show goes as Dino Mike has planned it. Until next year, have a Rockin' Xmas time! ~Crazy Jay

Episode 43 -
Twisted Christmas Party 2007!
The Complete Show!

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The Ghost Of Christmas Past…
Hey Everyone! Ever get that feeling like you've been there, or done that before? Well I personally love that feeling, so I'm going to share with you a flashback from about a year ago! Las year's TWISTED XMAS SHOW featured Myself, Elvis (Brenden Paul) www.bestelvis.com also Beth Davidoff (www.myspace.com/studiobethproductions and old friend of the show Big Lance (www.voicecomic.com). The show is shocking, crude, rude, offensive everything you expect for my end of the year shows. Plus your requests and other off the wall holiday songs. Hopefully this episode haunts you like it haunts me! Read more