Monthly Archives: February 2007

One from the Vault
Hello Everyone~ It's been rocking all the way around, from the show every week with great guest like Blackwater 5 to Zerofingers. To even great comedians coming in every week to help with the news. I have also been working very hard at getting the live show ready for March 7th. During all this I am holding down a full time job. Since the shows new found success since the last Christmas show I have been moving, and pushing myself harder then ever, and it caught up with me. I lost my voice, and got a...
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Episode #29 A True Classic
Hey Everyone I decided this week to open the archive vault and post an old Crazy Jay Show. This one comes from August 22nd, 2000 the guests on the show is Carlos Aleza Rocky, At this time Carlos just got fired from doing the voice of the Taco Bell Dog, and you may know him now from Reno 911. Chris Moss, and Mark Eddie. This was a good show, and I forgot all about this one. I hope you enjoy this true classic.
Episode 29! The Complete Show!
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Episode #28 for Valentines Day ONLY!!!!
Do you hate Valentines Day? If so tune in to the Anti-Valentines Day Show Feb 14th, this show is not archived. It runs only on Valentines Day, don't miss it, it will make you glad your single! Is today Valentines day? Nope. Sorry, you missed out. ...
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Rock’n ya into Febuary!
Hello Everyone, I am not feeling good this week, but I did not give in. I went in the studio anyways and brought you another great show. Mark Weitz local Las Vegas comedian joins me in the studio for Not In The News, News, and rocking the 44th floor of the rocking comedy show studios is Zerofingers. Plus because I was taking some good flu medication I was preparing you all for Valentines day with a few twsited love songs. It's a good show even though my throat is killing me. ENJOY!
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