Rocking Comedy Show 785 “I would like to hear Hitler’s Side of The Story”
Episode 785 “Crazy” Jay, Mad Mike, and Dan Doran have great laughs with Gerry Bedknob from the 40 Year Old Virgin, and also Carol Lyn Riddle comes by to tell us about her new show. Also Jay’s phone interview with Cyndi Lauper on this episode as well.


Rocking Comedy Show 784 “So you think you’re Entitled?

Ep 784 On this episode “Crazy” Jay, Bobby Masi, and Dan Doran talk about things in the news that piss them off, things that offend people this week, They Play is is the name of a porno or a romance novel, also a new game, and the #1 song of the week. “Crazy” Jay also interviews the group Santana

Rocking Comedy Show 783


On this episode the gang is joined by Bill Dawes, Shayma Tash, Mark Serritella from the Laugh Factory sit in, Mike pulls out his pickle, and much much, more.

Rocking Comedy Show Episode 782

Ep 782

This is a fun one! “Crazy” Jay, Bobby “Another Slice” Masi, and Dan Doran come packing jokes and more. Jay introduces to new games, Dan may or may not rant about chips, someone is forced to do Karaoke, and we have Ricardo Maltobum and Blue Ruin on the show. Enjoy!!

We Charge More Than Corey Feldman

Episode 781

Fun episode with the Amazing Leoni and a new game!