The Rocking Comedy Show 926 that is sponsored by Jessie Rae’s BBQ we welcome Les Warner and good friend and #1 hypnotist in town Anthony Cools. We have the Time Machine of Music, Word of the Day, and more. Nice way to get you thru mid week, We also have John Gilligan & Victor Hernandez co hosting the chaos! Grab a beverage, grab a laugh or two


Rocking Comedy Show Episode 925

The Rocking Comedy Show 925 “Crazy” Jay, Junk Mcgee and Victor Hernandez bring you the laughs. On the show today he has time away from drumming for Tantric and he is getting ready to start his own radio show on Radio Vegas Rocks Thursday!! I’m talking about Troy Patrick Farrell, we got news, games, and fun all in one.

We Got You Covered, Now Go Eat A Cookie!


“We Got You Covered” Returns, we have David Reed Watson from Kill Ritual and Reiki Master, Also I will talk about the NEW Mike Tyson Show Round 2, and Tait will be stopping by aw well. We have the Word of the Day, Fun Facts, Porno or Romance Novel and a lot more. Just tune in and enjoy the awesomeness that is The Rocking Comedy Show


923  we finally have Aries Spears I had to tape the interview today, also on the show Paul Vowell will be stopping by and good friend of the show Chris Durnez will also be in studio. Along with them we have Victor Hernandez, Dan Doran, and John Gilligan. It’s a fully packed show full of awesomeness!


We have Aries Spears who was unable to call in yesterday, also on the show Anthony Montana is back, so don’t be a wiseguy. We also have Almost Awake stopping by as well. With all this we even have Mad Mike, and Victor Hernandez co hosting, we have the Jukebox loaded up, the word of the day and more.