Rocking Comedy Show 469

Episode 469 The 44th floor was entertaining today for sure. One of our old co-hosts came back to fill in PJ Stansbury, as well as Gem. We had laughs with some past clips of PJ, Crazy Jay opened the Vault for some RCS clips, NEWS, and Best of Craigslist featured on this show, and we rocked out with Crazy Cole and The Barflyz!

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Rocking Comedy Show #468

Welcome to 468!

“Crazy” Jay and comedian Steve Shawn Jr from New York was your co host on this episode. Also on the show magician Mark Bennick! There is news, Best of Craigslist, Red Peters Song snatch, and The Crazy 8 Countdown

Rocking Comedy Show 467

Episode 467

“Crazy” Jay is joined by Tim Catching as his co host on this one. A very fun time during the Best of Craigslist. There was NEWS and they also welcomed Corey Finnegan and Sonia Seelinger. Have fun with this one we sure did!

Rocking Comedy Show 466

Episode 466

On this episode Rob Sherwood is “Crazy” Jay’s co-host. There is the Best Of Craigslist, News, top 5 best places to be to survive the Zombie Apocalypse then we visit with Joe barthholdi