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Hey gang on this episode we get laughs from Mad Mike, and Crazy Jay. Then an hour later Bobby takes the realm.  


The Rocking Comedy Show (LIVE)

Mon & Thursdays 7pm

Tues, Wed, and Fridays 3pm Over

Over 500 shows, World Recorder Holders, Over 10 years on internet radio tune in for great guests from big name headliners like Bill Cosby, Steven Wright, to local Las Vegas comedians, musicians and more!


LIVE on Fridays at 6pm(pst)

Replay Monday 6:00pm

Join five longtime friends as they offer up hilarious commentary on their favorite pop culture and geek news of the week!



Wednesdays 7:00pm

Monday (replay) 5:00pm

Just a couple guys sitting in a garage, enjoying whiskey and talking about pop culture, alcohol, news, religion, and whatever else strikes our fancy at the moment. Coming from Peoria, Illinois.


Classic Rock Jukebox

Thursdays 9:00am (LIVE)

Log on and Tune for some great Classic Rock and rare tracks too!

“Crazy” Jay’s Silly Song Show

LIVE Sundays 4:00pm

The show is full of off the wall novelty records. If your a Dr. Demento Show fan then you will love this show. Call in make a request.


Two Girls & A Bottle Of Wine

New Shows Wednesday 10:00pm

A couple of girls sit down and chat weekly. Who knows what can happen! Your host is Janet Blair


40oz Or Horror

Saturdays 11pm (When they do shows)

Join these guys for a few rounds of Brews and talk about horror movies new and old.


Nerds And Beer

Tuesdays 6pm

The Nerds and Beer Podcast is just that! Talk about the beer of the week, and more, plus video games, movies and comic books

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Ramdom Thoughts

Saturdays at 9pm

Scott Johnson is your DJ and master of the music mash up. Ramdom Thoughts is AMAZING!


Rise To Offend

Mondays 10:00pm Saturdays 4:00pm

Looking to be offended? These three have been doing it for over 100 shows now.

Geoff Dorsett

Geoff Dorsett Show

Tuesday 8am Solid Gold 60’s 

Wednesday 8am Supersonic 70’s

Thursday 8am Kick Back 80’s

Friday triple shot replay of all 3 8:00am

Country Classics Final

Tim Rodgers Classic Country

Mondays & Saturdays 8:00am

“Classic Country” is currently heard on 7 Radio Stations across the UK and around the world, and is probably one of the longest running Country Shows of its kind, playing Classic Country hits from the 60’s onwards.


Maximum Capacity

Saturday 1:00pm

A weekly show with Dean, Harv, and Colton covering everything from news to tech to poop stories! Each week we each bring a topic or conversation starter, after that is an open coversation! Check us out at and subscribe on iTunes!


The 3 Cuckoos Podcast

Saturdays 10:00am

Comedy, insane ramblings and football.


Moving The Needle

Saturdays 12:00pm

We discuss what moves our needles in movies, TV, books, entertainment news, and occasionally music.


We Are Not Hear To Please You

Saturdays 7:00am

From Finland these two guys go out of their way to not please you! Very entertaining show however and you may be pleased when it’s over!


  1. The doughnut bit is hysterical ! Who was that?

  2. B O O M E R ! (she’s pretty!)

  3. listening from the Hudson Valley….Hi Boomer!

  4. Don Keedix


    I think you should do a show from the Clown Motel late at night and see what weird shit happens, but you can only bring one co-host..come one maybe for a Friday the 13th show or something?

  5. No he is not dead, he is however recovering very nice from throat cancer.

  6. Crystal

    Is Martin Andrew your Rod Stewart guest dead? We heard that he died from cancer. Is it true?

  7. sideways sex rules!

  8. Nice site Crazy JayBird! Love what you do, and can’t wait til the next live venue you put on! Rocking Comedy Show! #1!

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