Rocking Comedy Show

Ep 736 “Crazy” Jay and Phil bring you this episode. They talk green poop, friends, news, and more!


The Rocking Comedy Show

Ep 735

“Crazy” Jay & Linda Lou review the Laughlin Laugh Fest, do news, and Murray Sawchuck stopped by to say hi. Fun show here from the 44th floor!

The Rocking Comedy Show

Episode 734

Crazy Jay along with Mad Mike and Jenn they bring you episode 734. This episode they sit down with comedian/magician Mike Hammer. Lot’s of of things on this episode!

Rocking Comedy Show

Episode 733

“Crazy” Jay along with Bobby “Big Mac” Masi & and their new Wednesday co-host Devin Sheffield they have some good laughs with Andrew Freeman of Raiding The Rock Vault, as well as Lynch Mob, and The Offspring. Brandon Powers of The Golden Tiki Bar stops by and some laughs with Derrick Strohman and Riley Maris.

Rocking Comedy Show 732

“Crazy” Jay and Phil along with special co host for this episode Carl “Mr. Oglio” Also the host of Uber 80’s on RadioVegas.Rocks. Also on the show Hypnotist Anthony Calls, and comedian Steven Roberts