How Many Times Did You Call Me Cracker?

Episode 525~ “Crazy” Jay, Darius Stoned, and Mark Bennick are co-hosting this show and our guests are Andy Walmsley. Ari Phillips, and Rick Duarte. This show is just a lot of fun Best of Craigslist, the News and more!

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To Many Jason’s on One Show!

Ep 524

“Crazy” Jay and Jason Halpin have fun with this episode! Our guests are Jason Outlaw and Devin Sheffield. Jason Halpin does the news this episode plus we have the word of the day and the Best of Craigslist.

The Mind Twist

Episode 523~

Fredric Da Silva is our guest on this show and what a mind twister he is. Both Linda Lou and Darius Stoned tripped out over this guy. Watch the you tube video attached and see for yourself. Also on the show Word of The Day, Best of Craigslist and the News.

Silly Sunday Show Goes To The Moon

It’s another crazy episode of The Silly Sunday Show lots of great songs here, even the Crazy 8 Countdown, and a few songs about the moon and space.

Eat A Big Bowl Of Dicks!

Episode 521

“Crazy” Jay along with Mad Mike, and JW bring you this episode! We have Yvonne Silva as our guest, Mike teaches us “How To” get 3 hours of our lives back. Best of Craigslist and the News also here as well.