Rocking Comedy Show 748
On this episode “Crazy” Jay and Bobby Masi sit down with a funny lady of comedy Cheryl Anderson, also on the Show Terry Zwerling. We talk about a cockblocking mom, the worst Christmas Album ever recorded, and we speak with Donald Trumph.


Rocking Comedy Show 747

This episode Linda Lou is back to join “Crazy” Jay and Bobby Masi. They talk about Rusty Warren’s Tribute in Scottsdale, News, American-ish, and Joey Heins stops by.

The Crazy Jay Show

Been awhile since we posted a Super Silly Show now back to just calling it The “Crazy” Jay Show. However here is one from last week, has some Thanksgiving songs, new songs, and a phone interview with Rusty Warren, and Jonathon Campbell stops by to sing some funny songs

Rocking Comedy Show 746

Ep 746

“Crazy” Jay and Bobby “Big Mac” Masi bring you this one. They welcome Kevin Burke from Defending The Caveman he sits in and they also speak to legendary comedian Rusty Warren, they talk music, news and more!

Rocking Comedy Show 745

For your viewing pleasure....wait for it....and please share if you would like. Enjoy!Katie O'Neill- LeClerc Pj O'Neill Julia Galuppo

Posted by Gary LeClerc on Sunday, September 27, 2015

On this fun episode coming to you from the 44th floor it’s “Crazy” Jay and Phil. There are celebrity Prank Calls, lots of topics and more. Great episode lots of fun