World Command Center Of BS!

543~ “Crazy” Jay is joined at the central control hub with Woz and J.W. also on the show is Brien Thompson and they do News, Best of Craigslist and more.

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Rocking Comedy Show 542

On this episode Crazy Jay and Las Vegas Larry The Cable Guy have laughs with Tyler Boeh and also on the show is Mike Vargovich from Avalon Landing. We do the News, Best of Craigslist and more!

Dried Up Cockrings!

episode 541

The very funny Fielding West and Robert Stokes on this episode. “Crazy” Jay delivered the laughs with the help of our guests but also with the help of Mark Bennick and Jennifer Wilson.

My Sweet Lord!

Episode 539


Crazy Jay, Lenny and Jason Halpin back from Vacation bring the laughs on this episode. Seth Turner stops by and we also have Steve Schwartz on the show to talk about George Harrison or does he?

Shazbut! Thanks for the laughs Robin!!

Episode 538

This episode starts out with a moment of silence for Robin Williams. We here at the Rocking Comedy Show got word of his passing at the time we were getting ready to do the show. “Crazy” Jay, Lenny Windsor, and Darius brought the laughs to you on this one. Their guests were The All Togethers and loyal listeners from Washington Joanie Mack and her husband Scott. R.I.P. Robin you brought the world a ton of laughter at least now you can be pain free!