Break It Down 677

Episode 677 “Crazy” Jay along with Jenn and filling in for Halpin this episode is Bobby Masi. They have fun with comedy new comer Shane Henderson and more laughs with Mario Z. They talk comedy contest, News, Best of Craigslist, and more!


The Rocking Comedy Show 676

On this episode “Crazy” Jay along with Linda and Bobby have some laughs with Cat Reinhart and enjoy the music of The Steady Extras

Can Someone Please Give Me A Break?

Ep 675

This episode of The Rocking Comedy Show “Crazy” Jay is Joined by Las Vegas Larry, and they have fun with Rob Rukus, Franks and Deans and Maxwell Fresh

Just Do What Taylor Swift Does? Episode 674

Ep 674

“Crazy” Jay and Bobby Masi bring you the laughs this episode of the Rocking Comedy Show. A simple,but very funny episode.

Rocking Comedy Show #672

“Crazy” Jay and Lou Magelowitz on this episode talk with famous Las Vegas Drag Queen Tawdri Hipburn!

10548272_1580246425536185_7644233978639686126_oA RCS Friend needs YOUR HELP!
Jason Nino, previously a co-host on The Rocking Comedy Show, is currently dealing with a life changing event.

With the information we have on his recent diagnosis, regardless of the outcome, he will need major surgery and an extended period of recovery. As anyone who has gone through a serious health crisis knows, the monetary requirement to upkeep with larger, serious medical complications can get quickly overwhelming. He will be in & out of the hospital for days and be unable to work for several weeks.

Jason's twin brother Jeremy has started a GoFundMe account to help Jason recover and reduce the financial burden an illness like this can bear. Any amount you can give helps and if you can't donate right now, please spead the word to those who can.

Jason will make it through this. With your help, he will be back at work and onstage doing what he does best and this whole ordeal behind him.