RCS Last Show Of The Year Epiosde 600!!

Well it has been a pretty awesome year for the crew at the Rocking Comedy Show with 500 episodes, 10 year anniversary, and the BREAKING OF A WORLD RECORD! So join the gang for the last show of the year a LIVE on-air Christmas Party where anything could happen……did. New studio packed with guests from the year. Performances by The Roxy Gunn Project, Third Degree, and The All Togethers. Just a lot of fun on the 600th episode of The Rocking Comedy Show. The gang will return Jan 12th 2015. Keep listening to Rocking Comedy Radio for replays of your Continue Reading

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Join five longtime friends as they offer up hilarious commentary on their favorite pop culture and geek news of the week!

Two Girls & A Bottle Of Wine

New Shows Wednesday 9:00am
A couple of girls sit down and chat weekly. Who knows what can happen! Your host is Janet Blair

The Show That Should Not Be

Thursdays (LIVE) 8pm
Ro & Todd bring you a show about whatever they feel like talking about!

40oz Or Horror

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Join these guys for a few rounds of Brews and talk about horror movies new and old.

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Join these guys as they talk wrestling, girls, movies, games, whatever is on their mind when the mic goes on.

ALL REQUEST Silly Sunday Show

Crazy 8
LIVE Sundays 8:30am
The All Request Silly Sunday Show is full of off the wall novelty records. If your a Dr. Demento Show fan then you will love this show. Call in make a request.

Full Count Podcast

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Wednesday at Noon!
The Full Count Podcast is hosted by two very funny comedians Shawn Halpin and Jon Huck. They talk funny stuff and Sports.

Nerds And Beer

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The Nerds and Beer Podcast is just that! Talk about the beer of the week, and more, plus video games, movies and comic books

Random Thoughts

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Saturdays at 9pm
Scott Johnson is your DJ and master of the music mash up. Ramdom Thoughts is AMAZING!

Rise To Offend

Tuesdays 3pm
Looking to be offended? These three have been doing it for over 100 shows now.

Geoff Dorsett Show

Geoff Dorsett
Wednesdays 8am Solid Gold 60’s
Thursdays 7am Supersonic 70’s
Fridays 7am Kick Back 80’s


  1. No he is not dead, he is however recovering very nice from throat cancer.

  2. Crystal

    Is Martin Andrew your Rod Stewart guest dead? We heard that he died from cancer. Is it true?

  3. sideways sex rules!

  4. Nice site Crazy JayBird! Love what you do, and can’t wait til the next live venue you put on! Rocking Comedy Show! #1!

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