The Rocking Comedy Show 761
Happy Birthday Phillip Kotler! “Crazy” Jay, Mad Mike, and Phillip bring you 761 and it’s just pcked with fun stuff for Phillips Birthday


Rocking Comedy Show Episode 760

On this episode of the Rocking Comedy Show, “Crazy” Jay and Bobby “Big Mac” Masi have fun with Brien Thompson.

Rocking Comedy Show 758 or 759? 2.0

Episode 758-759 (2.0)


Monday night there were issues with the show (758) so on episode 759 we re-did some of the stuff many didn’t hear, the recording was bad, so there is not a 758 in the archives. On this show “Crazy” Jay, Mad Mike, and Phil! Talk with Richard Riggs about the fate of Music streaming and the death of Internet Radio that plays music. Also on the show  the very funny Dennis Lavender. ColdCock Whiskey Band Spotlight, Mike puts things in their mouths, and Phil gives us some Trivia.

Mad Mike’s High Power Hour The only 15 minute show that is 2 hours long!

If you’re a fan of Mad Mike then you no it’s hard to tell ya what is gonna happen on each show without killing the surprise!

Mad Mike’s High Power Hour!

Like all good shows, many deserve a spin-off so here at Rocking Comedy Show we now give you Mad Mike and his own show!